The Power of Diet: Resolving Chronic Pain & Helping Kids Thrive - Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC

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The Power of Diet: Resolving Chronic Pain & Helping Kids Thrive

Making clean eating a priority for the whole family with Reid Traeger

When Reid–a father to two children and sports enthusiast–continued to get injuries and feel fatigued, he decided to make dietary and lifestyle changes to improve his own health and inspire his kids to adopt similar habits. By transitioning to eating a whole-foods anti-inflammatory diet alone, his energy, chronic pain, and mood improved. His 1 and 3-year-old eventually caught onto the craze of these healthier foods, which caused noticeable positive changes in their temper, sleep, and energy. In the episode, he speaks about what foods he and his kids now eat and how (to his own surprise) ice baths played a major role in his healing.

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➕ Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Notes

Reid’s Realizations To Improve His and His Kid’s Health 

  • Reid wanted to establish new dietary and lifestyle habits to:
    • Regain his energy 
    • Be a positive influence to his kids
    • Overcome chronic pain and recurring injuries (Achilles tendonitis and hamstring pulls)


Reid’s Previous Way of Eating

  • Toast with peanut butter 
  • Eggs on toast 
  • Microwavable burritos 
  • Cheese and chicken stuffed pasta with red sauce
  • Chips 


Healthy Habits Reid Instilled for Himself and His Kids

  • Dietary: 
    • Instead of goldfish, Reid’s kids now have PaleoValley beef sticks in their lunch boxes. 
    • Reid has a smoothie every afternoon with spinach, fruits, and a clean protein powder. 
    • Reid and his kids both eat PaleoValley beef sticks every day for a healthy, clean high-protein snack. 
  • Lifestyle: 
    • Reid invested in an ice bath set-up to improve energy, reduce inflammation and pain, and relieve stress. 
      • He does this daily for 15 minutes at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    • Reid does hip rotation to improve his hip mobility. 


Noticeable Positive Changes For Reid and His Kids

  • When Reid eats healthy and takes ice baths daily, he experiences:  
    • An overall increase in energy, particularly no longer crashing after 2 pm 
    • Non-existent pain after playing sports or working out 
    • Less stress
  • When his kids eat healthier, they don’t:  
    • Have as many crashes throughout the day 
    • Throw temper tantrums as much  
    • Stay up as late

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