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Is SIBO A Real Condition?

PMID: 31550680

Context: Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) has gained popularity on the internet in addition to certain clinical and research circles. This interest has expanded awareness of important new dietary, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical treatments in addition to laboratory evaluation assessment options. Concomitantly…

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Symptoms Originally Attributed to Thyroid Dysfunction Were Instead Caused by Suboptimal Gastrointestinal Health: A Case Series and Literature Review

PMID: 35999903

The integrative and functional medicine field…

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The Relationship between Gastrointestinal Health, Micronutrient Concentrations, and Autoimmunity: A Focus on the Thyroid

PMID: 36079838

Currently, there is a lack of understanding of why many clients with thyroid dysfunction remain symptomatic despite being biochemically…

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Do You Really Want a Hunter-gatherer Microbiota? Perils and Pitfalls for Your Gut

Our modern day problem, essentially deficiencies or under exposure to dirt and animals, and overuse of antibiotics and C-section births, are creating imbalanced microbiotas and immune systems, leading to a host of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions…

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