We specialize in identifying the root cause of your health challenges.


Combining years of clinical experience, scientific research, and personal experience to provide you with an approach that is both progressive and guided by scientific research.

Many of our patients seek our care when other doctors have failed to uncover why they are not feeling well. Our goal is to improve your health as quickly as possible, with minimal need for dietary restrictions or supplementation. We promise to empower you to understand what your body needs to function at its best.

As we continue to publish research, we are ‘proving the concept’ that people can heal with the right approach.

Improve Your Health

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Getting Started & Cost 

To ensure your success, we include two visits in beginning your work with us: 

  • 1st: a 90 minute visit with your doctor 
  • 2nd: a supportive follow up visit with our clinical nutritionist

Total cost: $897 (this covers the two above visits) 

Follow Up Visits: cost between $325 – $449 depending on your practitioner (these are scheduled as needed) 

What’s Included

This visit is a deep dive into all the details of your situation.  This includes:

  • Review of your health timeline 
  • Clarification regarding your symptoms 
  • Review of prior lab testing and diagnoses 
  • In-depth review of diet and supplement history and response 
  • Thyroid and female hormone imbalance risk factor assessment 
  • Evaluating risk for environmental mold 
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction screening 
  • Screening for limbic system imbalance 

We also use evidence-based screening tools for:

  • Establishing your gut type; bacterial, fungal or immune 
  • Evaluate symptoms & risk factors indicating chronic infection
  • Histamine intolerance and MCAS assessment   
  • Screen for risk anatomical abnormalities in the digestive tract 
  • Identifying signs of micronutrient insufficiencies 
  • Risk factor screening for low stomach acid or enzyme production 

This information is then used to provide:

  • Detailed and personalized dietary recommendations
  • Strategic lifestyle recommendations  
  • A custom-tailored supplement plan 
  • Suggestions for any further lab work

The Supportive Followup With Our Clinical Nutritionist 

This visit provides guidance with implementation of the plan from your doctor.

“I loved when Dr. Scott told me it was his goal for me not to need him anymore.”

-Stephanye Foster

“Dr. Ruscio’s aim was for me to take less supplements, not more.”

-Erica Blades

“I’ve seen more improvement working with the clinic than with anyone else.”

-Alli Cook

Disclaimer: The Ruscio Institute for Functional Health is not a replacement for conventional medical care, and does not diagnose or treat disease.

Getting Started

Functional healing with a science-based approach.

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