Our Process - Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC

Personalized, science-based guidance for as little as $1300.00

Step 1

Schedule a 20-minute intake visit with our specialist to review your history and answer any questions.

Step 2

Meet your new doctor so they can hear you tell your story.

Step 3

Enjoy at least one follow-up visit where your doctor gives you personalized recommendations.

Start feeling better

Improving your health is one of the best investments of time and energy you can make. As someone (Dr. Ruscio) who suffered from fatigue, brain fog, and depression, I was thrilled to get my life back.

Our team would be honored to help you improve how you are feeling. We promise to get you better as fast as possible without wasting money on bogus lab testing, excessive and unnecessary supplements, and fear and dogma around diet restrictions.

If this resonates, please take the next step toward better health.

Here’s how it works

An immense amount of thought and analysis goes into getting you started so that we ensure you will be feeling better as soon as possible.

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1.Meet with our intake specialist.

The first step is to fill out our comprehensive health history paperwork and then meet with an intake specialist from our team.

During your Intake Visit, you and our intake specialist will review your information in detail to ensure everything is fully accurate, and to gain additional context, which is very important for your doctor. This updated information is then shared with your doctor.

Why Step 1?

This visit provides your practitioner with the foundation needed to best address your personalized treatment plan.

2.Meet your new Doctor.

Now that your doctor has the most accurate information, they will thoroughly review your paperwork before they meet with you. The information provided will help determine the best path towards optimal healing using Dr. Ruscio’s Evidence-Guided Empiricism algorithm. This is a byproduct of over ten years of Dr. Ruscio’s clinical experience and meticulous reviewing of the scientific literature.

When you meet with your doctor for your History and Analysis visit, expect them to know almost everything about your case, and to have a series of specific questions to help them obtain an even more accurate understanding of your needs. You will also have time to provide additional context or ask questions.

Your doctor will review your information, further refining how they analyze your case based on the additional information you provided. Your doctor will use this information to create a dashboard containing all your relevant data and, more importantly, a roadmap to improve your health as quickly as possible.

3.Get personalized recommendations.

Now that your doctor has performed and refined their deep analysis using Dr. Ruscio’s Evidence-Guided Empiricism algorithm, they can provide you with initial recommendations. You will detail these recommendations with your doctor at your first follow-up visit. These recommendations usually include a combination of dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

Everything will be provided to you in a detailed write-up to ensure everything is clear and you can start your plan immediately. These recommendations will also include when your doctor would like to follow up with you again to monitor your progress. Follow-up visits are generally performed once every 1-2 months, depending on your situation.

Our goal is the fewest possible follow-ups, the least restrictive dietary recommendations, and the selective use of supplements.

4.Start seeing real results!

Healing is not always linear. Best-case scenarios show improvement in patients within 4-6 weeks.

In other cases, seeing significant improvements may take us 6-8 months.

Best case cost (not including supplements) = $1300 

Longer case cost (not including supplements) = roughly $3250*

*$1300 + 6 follow-ups at $325

Our promise to you:

As Dr. Ruscio likes to say, “We are a no-nonsense office.” Our aim is results. If we are not getting results, we will modify our approach until we do, so that you can see improvements quickly. We want to save you time and money. Dr. Ruscio and our team take this very seriously.

We understand that alternative and functional healthcare can be expensive, dogmatic, and rely on heavy supplement use. We promise you that we will avoid wasting your time and money. We have diligently studied what works and what does not to create a model of care that is effective and waste-free.

Fee Structure

Intake Visit

We provide an in-depth history form and conduct your online Intake Visit with our specialist at your convenience.

History and Analysis 

A history and analysis visit where your doctor meets with you virtually to analyze your case.

Follow Up 

One follow-up visit where your doctor provides a detailed list of personalized recommendations

Total Cost: $1300

The Doctor Ruscio team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me?

As you likely already know, digestive health can impact a wide array of systems of the body and resultant symptoms. This is our main area of focus, and because of this, there are many seemingly unrelated symptoms we can usually help improve.

When combining this with the fact that Dr. Ruscio and our research team are constantly reviewing the science and using this to enhance our care model, we feel confident that you are in good hands.

As you start the process, we will progressively be better able to answer this question.

In our observation, one of the reasons individuals don’t obtain the results they seek with other healthcare providers is because the provider doesn’t listen and tends to force the individual into a one-size-fits-all model, rather than conforming and personalizing a care plan to the individual. This personalized care is the essence of Dr. Ruscio’s model, Evidence-Guided Empiricism, and why we can often help when other healthcare providers have not.

How much does it cost to get started?

Total fee structure is $1300.

Follow-Up Visits

  • Follow up Visit with Dr. Ruscio: $449
  • Follow up visit with Dr. Scott: $325
  • Follow up visit with Dr. Hannah: $325

How long and how much until I see results?

In the best-case scenario, we can improve your health within 1-2 months. In other cases, seeing significant improvements may take us 6-8 months.

Best case cost (not including supplements) = $1300 

Longer case cost (not including supplements) = roughly $3250*

*$1300 + 6 follow-ups at $325

Why do clients choose the Ruscio Institute for FH?

Here at the Ruscio Institute for Functional Health, we embrace the progressive mindset of functional and integrative health while remaining conservative in our recommendations so as to provide practical and cost-effective treatment for you. We are continually updating our treatments based on the latest scientific literature and are consistently publishing our own research to improve the field of functional health.

We care deeply about optimizing the time we spend with you, preparing in advance for each visit, synthesizing your health history and clinical information, and formulating an individualized treatment plan that fits your story, signs, and symptoms.

As a team, we bridge the gap between conventional & functional health by providing whole-person medical care, informed by evidence, accessible to anyone that needs it.

How do I contact my provider in between visits?

We pride ourselves on providing straightforward practical recommendations that are easy to follow and execute. In the event that you get stuck or run into trouble, you are welcome to schedule follow-up visits with your provider as often as needed to work through any issues that arise during treatment.

Our office staff is ready to help with any logistical, scheduling or billing questions, and we offer consultations with our Clinical Nutritionist to help you implement treatment recommendations.

Can you be my PCP?

We specialize in Functional Health consultations to clients worldwide via Zoom. As we are unable to establish an in-person provider client relationship, we do not formally diagnose conventional medical conditions or prescribe medications. Because we work with clients across the world, we require that you continue or initiate a formal doctor client relationship with a local physician in conjunction with your relationship with our team.

We focus on identifying and addressing underlying causes of health concerns to help the body get back into a healthy balance. We use our extensive experience in holistic and natural health to help guide you in areas that have been overlooked or misunderstood by other practitioners.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies place countless restrictions on providers which make it difficult to treat you effectively. The Ruscio Institute for Functional Health does not accept any form of medical insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. Even though there are out-of-pocket expenses, our clients find it is well worth it.

How often will I need to be seen?

Healing is not always linear and every clients’ experience is unique. While we do our best to be efficient within each visit, number of appointments may vary.

Our providers usually ask to see a client once every 4-6 weeks while being treated.

Where are you located?

We are exclusively a virtual clinic.

When do I start feeling better?

Healing is not always linear. Each clients’ experience is unique and responds differently to treatment.

Some clients begin to feel better within days to weeks, while for others, it may take months. We do our best to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

How do I access the client portal?

Simply click the “Login” link above. You will need to activate your account before you can access the client portal. Once accepted as a client, you will receive an email with a subject line asking you to join your practitioner on Practice Better.

Are consultations via phone or video?

Consultations are via video. You will receive an email confirmation and reminder email for your visit.

Is the initial exam deposit refundable?

The $99 initial deposit paid prior to your Intake Visit is non-refundable.

Let’s get you back to your life.

Game Changing Results

It’s just been wonderful to trust your recommendations, go forward, and then bam, they work. I’m happy.

Phyllis | Idaho

Thyroid Nodule Success​

Within three days, the swelling was gone, amazingly! And I kept waiting for it to come back. It didn’t come back.

Patricia | California

Overcoming Depression

I came in with insane brain fog, and depression. I was a really happy person, so that was new for me. In 3 or 4 months it was pretty much gone.

Harman | California

Beating SIBO

The best move I made was starting up with you and really getting someone who knows how to stop the SIBO relapse from going on, and I’m so happy I did…

Christine | Wyoming

Not convinced?

We offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call to prospective clients to make sure we are the right fit for you.