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Do you want to start feeling better?

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How to Move Your Way to Better Health

Movement and eating are age-old experiences for humans. Only recently are we beginning to study them through a scientific lens. We’re finding that certain types of movement, just like nutrition, are critical for overall health and functioning of your body.

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How to Move Your Way to Better Health

Movement and eating are age-old experiences for humans. The field of nutrition, however, is a relatively new area of study. We now know that you need certain amounts of micro and macronutrients to fuel your body and keep it healthy.

Movement is another area of study that is brand new, although humans have been experiencing movement since the beginning of creation. Only now are we beginning to study it through a scientific lens. Just as we have categories for food such as protein, fats, and carbs, we now have categories for movement, such as cardio, strength, and flexibility.

We all need a combination of the three types of movement to be healthy. If you’re not getting enough of one of your “movement nutrients,” then there is typically an issue that arises. Your movement influences the genetic expression of each individual cell. Movement is happening on a cellular level and impacting your body at the cellular level.

Just as you can consume too much of a certain type of food or nutrient, you can also overdo certain types of movement. It’s now recognized that too much cardio may be just at harmful or worse than not enough cardio. Movement is dose-dependent and the dose is different for each individual. The key is to have diversity in your exercise and daily movement.

Movement is strongly linked to every single system in the body. It’s not just about fitness and muscle mass. It plays a key role in the overall function of your body.

Movement in nature is essential for health. Walking in nature vs. walking inside on a treadmill changes your movement completely. By being outside in nature, you’re moving your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and other muscles differently because you’re walking on natural terrain.

Being outside also offers temperature variation. Millions of muscles all over your body deal with warming or cooling your body. When you control your body temperature all the time by being inside, then you’re not training many of your muscles. Being outside allows for cross-training of your thermal-regulation.

It’s actually good for your body and your muscles to allow yourself to experience different temperatures. Rather than avoid cold weather, try to experience it a little bit without layering on the clothes.

Your body is designed for outside living. If you can get out in the wilderness, off the beaten path, you’ll be giving your body the chance for different movement experiences.

Movement doesn’t have to be rigorous. It can be as simple as walking in nature. If you’re someone experiencing musculoskeletal problems, here are some tips to consider.

Tips for musculoskeletal issues:

  1. Check your shoes. How much heel to do you have on your shoes? Is your shoe bendable? Try to make a transition toward minimal shoes.
  2. Add more walking. See how well you handle rougher, non-flat terrain.
  3. Check your gait. Do your feet point forward in the same direction?

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If you need help with musculoskeletal problems, click here

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