Clinic FAQs

Clinic FAQs

For Our Clients

Each client at the Ruscio Institute is treated as an individual with their own unique health history and symptoms. Working with our practitioners ensures a thorough and strategic approach to healing.

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1.Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies place countless restrictions on providers which make it difficult to treat you effectively. The Ruscio Institute for Functional Health does not accept any form of medical insurance or Medicare/Medicaid.

2.Where are you located?

We are exclusively a virtual clinic.

3.Do you accept clients internationally?

Yes! And while there are some restrictions on shipping supplements to select countries, our doctors will do their best to recommend needed products that can be purchased locally.

4.Do your doctor’s have experience with treating children?

Yes.We are passionate about helping children and would be happy to assist in improving your child’s health.

5.Will I need additional appointments outside of the first three visits?

Ideally you will not, although this depends on the individual case.

6.Previous doctor’s have been unable to help me. Are you able to?

Roughly one third of our work is with people who have seen numerous other healthcare providers and we feel confident in being able to help if you are in this situation.  We could encourage you to have the initial visit with one of our clinicians and allow them to comment on your case specifically.  If we ever feel we will be unable to help, we will refund the cost of the visit.  We are dedicated to helping you and reducing any stress regarding obtaining our opinion.

7.How long before I will start to see results?

Once we determine the correct approach, you should see improvements within weeks on that plan.  Determining this plan can vary.  In some cases within the first few weeks of care, and in other cases we may need to experiment with a few different approaches (a few months) until we find the correct plan.