An Easy Way To Feed Your Microbiota & Prevent Allergies

Dr. Ruscio discusses a recent study that found an easy and free way to feed your microbiota and help prevent allergies.

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An Easy Way To Feed Your Microbiota & Prevent Allergies

Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hey, everyone. This is Dr. Ruscio.

Are dirty dishes good for your microbiota?

Recently a study was published Trusted SourcePubMedGo to source showing that children who grow up in households that wash dishes with a sponge have less allergic diseases compared to children that grow up in houses that use a dishwasher.

The researchers in this study have speculated that the reason for that may be because when you wash with a sponge, you don’t clear away as much bacteria as when you use a dishwasher. Those bacteria may actually have a positive, beneficial role on the immune  system. As we are learning (about) a recurring theme with so much in this world of bacteria that we are discovering called the microbiota, we are learning that bacteria actually have several positive function in our bodies, on our bodies, on our immune systems.

So, what may be happening here, again, is children who grow up in houses that are using sponges – this leaves more of the natural environmental bacteria on the dishes, and those get into your body, and those have a positive on your immune system. So, we may want to rethink that we need to have super-sterile dishes, and maybe letting things be a scosche less hygienic, of course within reason – there are certain things that you’d want to avoid, like raw chicken rotting…you are going to want to wash thoroughly after that.

But, the 30,000-foot view on this may be (that) being a scosche less hygienic may actually really be healthy for you because these bacteria have a beneficial impact on your body. So again, it appears that children growing up in houses that use a sponge instead of a dishwasher have less allergic diseases, potentially because of the increased bacterial load.

So, something that you may want to consider at home would be, of course, washing with a sponge more and maybe using the dishwasher less. This is a practical way of potentially doing some real benefit for your microbiota.

All right. This is Dr. Ruscio. Hope this helps. Thanks!


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