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Do Probiotics Expire

Probiotic supplements past their expiration date won’t harm you, but may no longer have any health benefits.

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Why Take Probiotics?

With over 500 studies into the health benefits of probiotics, there’s plenty of evidence to support using probiotic supplements for these health conditions.

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Do Probiotics Help With Acne?

Can probiotics treat your acne? The gut and skin are powerfully linked. Learn the best oral and topical probiotics for acne treatment.

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Can You Overdose on Probiotics

Easy to follow recommendations for the correct probiotic dosing. One of the most common questions I get from patients is, “Can I overdose on probiotics?”  A simple internet search will give you...[Read more]

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The Best Time To Take Probiotics

Here's uncomplicated advice about when and how to take your probiotic supplements to ensure that you get the full health benefits from probiotics.