Reversing Damage to Your Thyroid

The most common cause of hypothyroid is due to progressive damage to your thyroid gland. This damage is caused by autoimmunity and as this damage accrues it eventually leads to hypothyroid. Is it possible to stop or even reverse this damage? A recent study provides some exciting news.

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Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC: Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio with some very good news for those who suffer with thyroid autoimmunity.

A preliminary study Trusted SourcePubMedGo to source has shown that administration of magnesium, selenium, and CoQ10 can actually prevent the damage to your thyroid gland that is often seen with thyroid autoimmunity. Now, this is a preliminary study with a small number of patients, only about 10, but the results are very interesting, and they reaffirm something that much of the functional medicine community has been looking at and hoping to be true for a while, which is that through using different vitamin therapies that are antioxidant in nature, we may be able to quell the inflammatory and autoimmune damage to the thyroid gland and, by doing so, may stop or halt or even be able to reverse the damage to the gland.

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This study actually tracked a small group, again, about 10 patients, who either had Hashimoto’s autoimmunity, which can cause hypothyroidism, and Graves’ autoimmunity, which can cause hyperthyroidism. The researchers tracked over a few years these patients’ antibody levels and—this is what is really interesting—did repeat ultrasounds, and they showed in some of these patients—in fact, the majority of the patients—they were able to have a positive impact on the thyroid antibodies, and more impressively, they were able to have a positive impact on the thyroid architecture or structure and even see reversal of some of the damage.

This is a landmark study that shows that through nutritional medicine we may be able to stop and even reverse some of the damage to the thyroid gland that happens in thyroid autoimmunity, so again, very exciting news. Again, the use of magnesium, selenium, and CoQ10 was able to stop thyroid autoimmunity or halt it and reverse some of the damage seen in the thyroid gland.

This is Dr. Ruscio. I hope this information helps you get healthy and get back to your life. Thanks.

Thyroid Supplement Protocol

Click on the supplement names for more information.

NameDoseTimes Per DayWith Food
Selenium1 capsules1Yes
Triple Mag1-2 capsule(s)1Yes
CoQ101 capsule1Yes


Triple Mag – Slowly increase your dose. If your stools become loose, you are taking too much and need to decrease your dose.

*This information is for educational purposes only.  You should check with your doctor before using any dietary supplements.

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