Paleo Diet Delivers Miraculous Results

Feet swelling, fatigue, sleep apnea, and weight gain . . . all gone in 30 days! The Paleo diet does it again! A patient shares his experience of how implementing a Paleo diet dramatically improved his health in a very short period of time.

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC: I’m here with Calvin, who has had some really nice results in a short period of time. When you first came in, tell everyone what your main concerns were.

Calvin: Well, my main problems were some feet swelling. I was really tired.

DrMR: Right.

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Calvin: Low energy. I’m also on a CPAP machine, and my wife was saying I was snoring and so forth.

DrMR: Sure.

Calvin: And generally, increase in weight, things like that.

DrMR: And when he came in, my commentary to him was I didn’t think we needed to do a ton of testing because the diet wasn’t awesome. And so I said I had a feeling with some basic dietary changes, we’re going to get a lot of improvement out of this. We did run just a basic initial blood panel, nothing overly fancy. So we’re here at our 30-day follow up. And the first thing he said was, “I’ve lost about 20 pounds.”

Calvin: Yeah.

DrMR: Or maybe a little over.

Calvin: Yeah, I lost 20 pounds. And the better part of it is I’m feeling a little more energetic.

I really didn’t think it was possible to feel this much better in a short period of time just by diet. Click To Tweet

DrMR: Sure.

Calvin: I’m getting a little more energy.

DrMR: Sure.

Calvin: The swelling has kind of dissipated. And just generally, I’m feeling a lot better. My mind is a little more in tune, a little less fuzzy.

DrMR: Good, good.

Calvin: Yeah.

DrMR: And the wife’s not having to elbow you at night?

Paleo Diet Delivers Miraculous Results - sleepapneaCalvin: No, not having to elbow me in the middle of the night to stop snoring, yeah.

DrMR: Snoring is better, too. Good, good. And on his blood work, we found a slight elevation of liver enzymes, which I’m thinking will get better as we help his diet. And one of the things we were just discussing was how all the veins of the intestine drain to the liver. And so if there are a lot of gut issues, that can cause problems with the liver because the liver cleans up any problems in the gut.

So we’re going to monitor that. We’re giving him a little bit of herbal liver support right now. And I anticipate when we follow up in another few months, you’re going to be damn near invincible. And really, we’ll pretty much be done. So it’s a great case of how simple stuff can really go a long way. So thanks a lot for talking to us.

Calvin: Yeah, I really didn’t think it was possible to feel this much better in a short period of time just by diet.

DrMR: Sure.

Calvin: So thank you very much.

DrMR: Sure, absolutely.

Calvin: Appreciate it.

DrMR: My pleasure. You did all the hard work. So thank you.

Calvin: Take care.

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