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How To Fight Fatigue Caused By Food, Thyroid, & More

Answers about the right amount of carbs, sleep, exercise, and supplements needed for better energy

Fatigue is the hot topic on another series of “Listener Questions.” Hear my answers to these questions from podcast listeners and learn how to apply recommendations to improve your own energy levels:

  • If you complete an elimination diet like the AIP and identify some trigger foods, but it doesn’t resolve post-meal fatigue, what next steps would you recommend?  
  • Low carb makes me really tired and has negatively impacted my sleep. I’m worried about eating more carbs. What should I do? 
  • What do you think I should focus on to heal and improve fatigue and thyroid lab markers? 
  • My local functional medicine practitioner put me on 20 supplements, and it’s made me feel worse than when I began. What are your thoughts?
  • When I work out (weight lift) 2x/week, I feel good, but if I do more than that, I feel more tired. What should I do?
  • Can too much thyroid hormone cause fatigue? 
  • If you could make only 1 recommendation to someone to improve their energy levels, what would it be? 
  • What’s the best thing you did to improve your own energy? 
  • What is one thing you thought would improve energy and didn’t?

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