From Saunas to Deadlifts: How to Boost Fitness Performance - Dr. Michael Ruscio, DNM, DC

From Saunas to Deadlifts: How to Boost Fitness Performance

Take your workout to the next level by strength training, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, alternating between cold exposure and sauna therapy, and more  with Eric Hinman 

Eric Hinman–endurance athlete (5x Ironman)–knows a thing or two about training and recovering from workouts in a healthy way. In this episode, he shares what did (and didn’t) help him achieve his fitness goals and how he eventually found a routine that fueled his body and mind. Listen in to hear the power of sauna therapy, cold exposure, strength training, and daily movement for reaching peak athletic performance and optimizing health. 

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➕ Dr. Ruscio’s Notes

How to Use Sauna and Cold Exposure Therapies

  • Sauna therapy: 
    • Enjoy 20-25 minutes in the sauna at 190-200 degrees fahrenheit
    • Make sure to monitor your heart rate
    • 90-100 bpm is too high
  • Cold exposure therapy: 
    • Try to withstand 5-7 minutes or go until shivering begins
    • If 5-7 minutes isn’t doable right away, start smaller and increase your exposure (with 30 seconds to a minute) over time


Eric’s Weekly Workout Routine 

  • 1 day of 2-2 ½ hours of CrossFit-type training
    • Complex lifts including deadlifts, bench press, and olympic lifts
    • A series of metabolic conditioning workouts or high-intensity intervals using the rower machine or assault bike  
  • 1 day of no more than 2 hours of aerobic cardio exercises (mountain bike, hike, trail run, and bodyweight exercises)


Squeezing in a Workout on a 9-5 Schedule

  • Strength training 
    • Opt for heavier weights and do one set for 3-5 reps
  • Assault bike intervals
    • Go on the assault bike for 20-30 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat 6-10 times.
  • Go outside for a hike, trail run, or bike ride (twice a week)


How to Establish and Execute Healthy Exercise Habits

  • Instead of sitting at your computer for a meeting, take the call on a walk. 
  • Have people do the activity or exercise with you. 
  • Get a wrist heart rate monitor for tracking purposes. 
    • To calculate your aerobic heart rate, take your age and subtract it from 180. 
  • Focus on how you feel. Exercising should:
    • Improve mental clarity
    • Relieve emotional stress
    • Boost your immune system

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