Fatigue and Female Hormone Balancing

Today I sat down with Vicky. She was suffering with fatigue, low motivation, weight gain, and irregular periods. She was an athlete and trained quite hard, which made me think she was simply burnt out. We applied a simple plan of dietary changes and herbal hormonal supports. In only 30 days, Vicky responded beautifully; she had better energy, better workouts, weight loss, and regular periods. No crazy testing or treatment, just simple, practical functional medicine.

Fatigue and Female Hormone Balancing

Dr. Michael Ruscio: This is Dr. Ruscio, and I’m here with Vicky, who’s had some great results. So I wanted to take a quick second—I kind of twisted her arm a little bit to sit down with me and talk about her case briefly.

So tell us a little bit about how you were feeling when you first came in.

Vicky: When I first came in, I was extremely tired. I didn’t have a lot of energy, especially for workouts. I had really decreased motivation to work out, and I could hardly make it through a workout without feeling exhausted. I also had a little bit of weight gain and some irregular periods.

DrMR: And when she came in and we kind of went through everything—very athletic, trains very hard. And so I was thinking this was someone who had just pushed themselves too hard and kind of went into this pattern of stress burnout, kind of like we talked about.

So we made some dietary changes. We put her on some adrenal hormone support and some female hormone balancing herbs. And it’s now a month later and how do you feel?

Vicky: I feel great. I have tons of energy. My workouts are better. I’m motivated to work out harder, although he’s taught me to keep that under control and not to overdo that. But my periods are regular. I have lots of energy, and I feel great. I do.

DrMR: So she was a great example of how sometimes just a few basics can make massive changes in a short period of time. So, congratulations. I’m glad that you’re doing so well.

Vicky: Thank you so much for your help.

DrMR: Absolutely. And thank you for talking with us.

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