Bacteria or Foods Causing Joint Pain, Gas, Bloating, and More

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Bacteria or Foods Causing Joint Pain, Gas, Bloating, and More

Listen as Dr. Ruscio, DC discusses pre-existing conditions and symptoms such as gas, bloating, body pain, and stubborn weight loss with Debbie, a current patient, and how a partnership in treatment resolved all of her symptoms and allowed her to lose 10 pounds. This treatment was a combination of dietary changes and supplementation.

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Bacteria or Diet Related Symptoms

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC: Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio, DC. I’m here with Debbie, and Debbie has had some pretty good results thus far. And I asked her if she’d be willing to share her story. And luckily, she said yes with a little bit of persuasion. So some of the complaints that she had when she came in—I’m going to read from her chart here, so I get them all. Energy, gas, burping, bloating, bowel irregularities, body pain, and a few pounds that wouldn’t budge were some of the main ones.

Debbie: Yeah.

DrMR: Am I forgetting any key ones there?

Debbie: No, those are the main ones.

DrMR: Hair, nails. Maybe a little bit.

Debbie: Hair and nails, yeah.

DrMR: Not perfect.

Debbie: Little bit.

DrMR: So we changed her diet. We also put her on some female hormone support. We also gave her some thyroid support to support conversion of T4 to T3 along with a multivitamin, some vitamin D, and also some digestive support to help her break down her food a little bit better and some probiotic. And you’ve had great results. Do you want to kind of share the changes?

Debbie: Great results. I’ve virtually eliminated aches and pains that I didn’t even know were related to the way I was living and eating.

DrMR: Sure.

Debbie: And so the pains and the aches. My hair and nails are a little bit nicer now. I sleep through the night because the pains don’t wake me up.

DrMR: Right.

Debbie: I feel great, digestion-wise.

DrMR: Yeah.

Debbie: Yeah.

DrMR: You had said that those—the gas, burping, and bloating—

Debbie: Those are gone.

DrMR: Gone. Awesome.

Debbie: I don’t have any digestive problems.

DrMR: Great. You lost a little bit of weight too.

Debbie: Yeah, I lost almost 10 pounds.

DrMR: Okay. And Debbie also is not a very tall gal, so that on your frame is going to go pretty far.

Debbie: No, yeah. Yeah, that made a big difference.

DrMR: So we’ve pretty much got everything nailed down now except for two things. There are mood swings that still haven’t fully turned around yet. So it may take a little while for the hormones to balance out. And there’s also a little bit of joint pain that’s residual.

Debbie: A little bit.

DrMR: Now, the interesting thing is we just had her go through reintroducing eggs and nuts because we had her on the autoimmune paleo protocol. And she just reintroduced eggs and nuts. And the joint pain that was all gone, some joint pain came back.

Debbie: Well, I developed a new joint pain.

DrMR: Yeah, all the prior joint pain went away.

Debbie: Yeah.

DrMR: But a new joint pain emerged.

Debbie: Yes.

DrMR: So that may be from the food. So we’re going to have her cut the eggs and the nuts and seeds back out. But on her lab work, we also found a borderline elevation of H. pylori which may be an issue.

But more interestingly, we found Chlamydia pneumonia which is a bacteria that has been known to cause joint pain. And so we’re going to start in on a program today to eradicate that bacteria with some herbs. And I’m hoping between either the diet or the bacterium we’re really going to get to the bottom of where both the joint pain and the mood swings are still coming from.

Debbie: That would be great.

DrMR: So we’ll check in, hopefully with good results. But we’ll let you know either way. But even if we don’t get any more improvement, I still think you’ve done awesome.

Debbie: Thank you.

DrMR: Because over 80% of your complaints are gone.

Debbie: Yes.

DrMR: So we’ve got a couple things that we’re going to try to figure out. And we’ll keep everybody posted. So thank you so much for talking with us.

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If you need help addressing pre-existing conditions and symptoms, click here.


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