A Simple Way to Help Prevent Death from Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is, unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for death in most Westernized societies. Today, let’s discuss a groundbreaking study showing a simple supplement protocol can decrease your chances of death from cardiovascular disease and do so for years after stopping the protocol.

Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hi. This is Dr. Ruscio. And let’s discuss a simple supplemental protocol that can help to prevent death from cardiovascular disease. I’ll put the study Trusted SourcePubMedGo to source up here on the screen—a very exciting study.

And I’ll just read a few bullets here for you. “A double-blinded control trial”—so this is the gold standard in science—“has shown that selenium plus CoQ-10 supplementation reduces death from cardiovascular disease. In this study, four years of supplementation significantly decreased death from cardiovascular disease for ten years after ending the supplementation.”

So even after ending the supplementation, there was benefit for 10 years in terms of producing a decreased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. This was in 443 elderly subjects. And the dose was 200 mg of CoQ-10—so a little bit of a higher dose than the typical dose of CoQ-10—and 200 mcg a day of selenium in the form of selenium yeast tablets.

Now, why this is so impressive in my opinion is because we are seeing a positive benefit on outcome which, from a clinical science perspective, is the most important and, from a health consumer perspective, should be the most important for you. The reason for this is because what you’re after is a result. And here we see the result—a decreased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. What would not be as optimal is if we showed some supplemental program lowered a risk marker for cardiovascular disease because to see markers change doesn’t always correlate with an improved outcome.

For example, homocysteine is a nice example of this. Homocysteine is a marker for risk of cardiovascular disease. You can lower homocysteine with B vitamin supplementation. But that lowering of homocysteine with B vitamin supplementation hasn’t produced any change in cardiovascular events or cardiovascular deaths. So this study is so novel using the selenium and the CoQ-10 because it actually showed a positive impact on the end result of, did people have less chance of dying from cardiovascular disease?

So very exciting study, very practical results, simple results to replicate on your own. And we’ll put some links here to help assist you with being able to do this protocol on yourself if you’d like. I’d recommend bouncing it off your doctor first. Even though these are very safe supplements, always a good idea to have your doctor or some kind of healthcare provider in the loop whenever you decide to do something. Very exciting news, very exciting study. Simple supplemental protocol that can be done for a few years and have a longer-term benefit on your cardiovascular disease risk.

One or two things maybe as a word of caution—this was in elderly individuals. We don’t know if the effect would be there in younger individuals. In many cases, elderly individuals tend to not absorb nutrients from their diet as well and may tend to do better with supplemental interventions. So the effects may be stronger for elderly. I certainly think it’s still a good idea to at least try this if you’re someone who’s younger and looking to prevent heart disease.

Also, this is one study. Ideally, we’d want to see this replicated by other studies to reinforce the strength of this finding. But this data is way better than an animal model, something that you see in a Petri dish or a cell line culture, or even something showing a positive effect on mechanism.

And you’ve probably heard me harp on why that’s so important, because making healthcare decisions based upon that type of evidence when there’s other type of evidence available like clinical trials is a fast way to end up trying things that don’t work, wasting your money, or potentially inadvertently doing harm. This other type of science is a good start. But before you make decisions as a healthcare consumer or as a healthcare provider, we really want to make sure we’re looking at this type of evidence which is a clinical trial.

So in any case, very exciting news. Supplementation with selenium and CoQ-10 for four years can prevent risk of cardiovascular disease death or death from cardiovascular disease for 10 years after discontinuation of the supplemental program. So very exciting stuff. A nice study that shows the power of nutritional supplemental interventions for heart disease.

This is Dr. Ruscio. And I hope this information helps you get healthy and get back to your life. Thanks!

If you’re considering supplementation, below is our recommended protocol.

NameDoseTimesw/ Food
CoQ102 capsules1Yes
Selenium1 capsule1Yes

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only. You should consult with your doctor before using any of these products.

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