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Do you want to start feeling better?

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Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

The Future of Functional Medicine Revealed

What does the future of functional medicine have in store? Today, we’re excited to share a brand new tool for healthcare practitioners that will help transform your practice and improve your patients’ results.

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This post is a little different than our standard educational posts, but we’re excited to share a brand new offering that is on the horizon.

We will be launching the Future of Functional Medicine Review, and it will be a training tool for health care practitioners. If you aren’t a practitioner but you’re really interested in health and want to dive deeper, we are allowing access for non-practitioners initially. However, this new tool is specifically designed with the health practitioner in mind.

A main goal of this new program is focused on how to help your patients get better in less time and at less expense. There are so many things that are great about functional medicine, but some things need to change, specifically in the area of over-testing and costing the patient a small fortune.

We have created a monthly review that will consist of 4 main sections to help you become a more effective functional medicine practitioner. To see a sample of this monthly publication, visit

The first section is a case study in which we’ll walk you through an actual patient case looking at the patient’s history and presentation. You’ll learn how we determine diagnosis, testing, interpret tests, customize a treatment protocol, and measure response to treatment.

The second section is all about research. We’ll discuss several clinical studies and their takeaways. The research is vast and overwhelming. We’ve done the difficult task of sorting through all the available research to find the most solid and reliable clinical studies to provide you with an evidence-based approach.

The next section is the practitioner question of the month. We’ll look at the comments section associated with the review and answer the most common question.

The final section is a practice tip. This may be a review of a test, a helpful office tool, a product review, or something that you as a practitioner will find valuable.

The information in this review will help you become more cost-effective in your approach. This is not about giving you a protocol and recommending that you use it for every patient who presents with similar symptoms.

We will try to help you get to a deeper level of understanding so you can make informed decisions, and you won’t have to jump from protocol to protocol.

More testing and treatment does not equate to better results. When you focus on the most clinically relevant issues and address those, your patient will have a better response. Ultimately, you do less and you achieve more.

How can you do less and achieve more?

  1. Mastering the gut is a massive piece of the puzzle. So often mastering the gut is not accomplished, and your patient doesn’t achieve his desired results.
  2. Understanding what clinically relevant testing is. There is a lot of testing that is not clinically relevant, and is not worth your patient spending money on. It’s key to understand which tests are truly diagnostic and which tests have not been clinically validated. You want to choose testing that relates to your patient’s symptoms and is clinically relevant. We will teach you how to do this.

In the sample review you’ll find at, we cover the following:

  1. Case Study: Histamine overload that presents as SIBO relapse
  2. Research:
    1. Low FODMAPs vs Prebiotics in IBS patients
    2. What level of TPO antibodies is pathogenic
    3. Gut-brain vs brain-gut connection, which is more important?
    4. Using SIBO breath testing to predict response to antibiotics in patients with IBS
  3. Evidence-based thyroid questionnaire
  4. Practitioner question of the month: Do antimicrobial herbs work for SIFO?
  5. Practice tip: easy tool for creating online HIPAA compliant forms

Be sure to check this out at, and please let us know what you think!

For more information about the Future of Functional Medicine Review, please check out our podcast here.

If you need help improving patient results in your functional medicine practice, 
click here

What do you think? I would like to hear your thoughts or experience with this.

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