Nutritional Practitioners Use HGHY To Help Guide Their Clients

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Do you want to start feeling better?

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Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Nutritional Practitioners Use HGHY To Help Guide Their Clients

Focusing on gut health for the win with Tiffany.

Improve your gut health, and your overall health improves too, whether you have autoimmunity or are interested in weight loss, says Tiffany, a holistic nutrition coach who has used the concepts in Healthy Gut, Healthy You in her practice.

She said she was trained to decide whether to take a blood sugar and adrenals approach or a digestion approach with her clients, but that Healthy Gut, Healthy You helped her expand this idea: “I like how the book…basically says it’s not really one or the other.”

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In This Episode

Episode Intro … 00:00:39
It’s All About the Gut … 00:03:27
Vegan Case Study … 00:05:27
Importance of an Individualized Approach … 00:10:22
How to Use an Elemental Diet … 00:16:27
Are There Contraindications for Elemental Diet with Anorexia? … 00:22:19
Episode Wrap-Up … 00:28:39

A Healthy Gut for a Healthy Body

My book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, shares a customizable 8-step protocol for healing and restoring the gut microbiome, which is the foundation of overall health.

Your digestive tract is home to trillions of bacteria, and the protocol includes finding your ideal diet and balancing your beneficial bacteria with probiotic supplements. An imbalance of bad bacteria in your gut can lead to digestive and other types of symptoms. 

What distinguishes the Healthy Gut, Healthy You protocol from other diets and health fads is how it suggests using the diets and supplements with a logical algorithm based upon scientific evidence and how your body responds.

We know that probiotics and an anti-inflammatory diet free of processed foods can help heal the gut, which improves other health metrics, but how you use them matters. Fermented foods or a plant-based diet may be popular, but they need to be used properly and in the right order and context.

Tiffany is using this idea from Healthy Gut, Healthy You to encourage her clients’ success. She said “I can throw supplements at you. I can throw food at you. You can go on a super clean diet. But if you’ve got things that need to be addressed in the gut, you’re not going to absorb those nutrients.”

Tiffany shared about a client who wanted to improve her fertility, but who needed encouragement to support her digestion: “Even though digestive enzymes don’t seem related, it is all about your gut. So let’s get your gut in shape for your goals.”

But even more important is the fact that each person’s body is different and needs personalized solutions. Tiffany said, “You’ve got to have the whole picture and I don’t think there’s one right approach for everybody.” As an example, she said, “I appreciated that you said that you know [people’s gut] ecosystems are different. There is no one right answer.”

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Hi, everyone. Let’s talk about probiotics, which helped to make this podcast possible. Functional Medicine Formulations contains a line of probiotics that I personally developed, and I’m super excited to be able to offer you the same probiotics that I’ve been using in the clinic for years and are a byproduct of an extensive review of the literature plus my own clinical experience.

In this line, you will find my favorite three probiotics in all three of the main categories that work synergistically to help you fight dysbiosis, like SIBO, candida yeast, and H. pylori, help to eradicate parasites, help to reduce leaky gut and repair the gut barrier, and can improve gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and may even improve mood, skin, sleep, and thyroid function because of the far-reaching impact of the gut. You can learn more about these at

Elemental Diet for Stubborn Cases

Tiffany asked me how she should best include elemental diets in her practice for clients with stubborn symptoms that diet and other approaches haven’t helped.

Elemental diets are gut-friendly, liquid diets that work quickly to improve IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s), IBS, SIBO, and inflammatory conditions. The nutrients are pre-digested, so they allow the digestive tract to rest while still providing all the necessary nutrients.

Using an Elemental Diet with Clients

The elemental diet used to be recommended only as an exclusive meal replacement for two or three continuous weeks. A lot of people feel that using an elemental diet this way would be too difficult. Especially in the SIBO community, the elemental diet is portrayed as though it has to be used as an exclusive two-week treatment for SIBO or nothing at all. 

Studies have shown that short-term use or regular use of an elemental diet—either for a few days, or as a regular meal replacement for one or two meals a day in the long term—is helpful and safe for digestive conditions. [1, 2, 3] It can be useful for clients who forget to eat because they’re on the go, or who struggle with what to eat.

Until recently, elemental diets were only available by prescription, and the available products didn’t taste good. Our Elemental Heal product has changed that. It tastes great, is free of artificial sweeteners, and is allergy-friendly.

The Bottom Line

To improve gut health is to maintain a healthy you. Restoring your gut microbes is as simple as choosing the right support for your body in the right order. Listen in to the full podcast for more.

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