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Do you want to start feeling better?

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Kaya Biotics – Organic Probiotics ‘Made in Germany‘

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Probiotic supplements have been popping up everywhere over the last few years. As scientists (and patients!) begin to understand the vast importance of gut health for our overall well-being in far greater detail, probiotics have been established as the go-to dietary supplement in order to shape (and improve) the balance of your gut microbiome.

But what is all of this really based on?

Promising Probiotic Research

The good news is that more and more research has been conducted about the various functions our gut microbiome is involved in as well as how probiotics can help to improve its condition:

That said, there is one big caveat that all of these studies share:

Scientists have concluded and emphasized that only the intake of the correct kind of bacteria strain(s) will lead to the desired effect against the respective health condition.

A Study-Based Approach to Probiotic Formulas

When we founded Kaya Biotics, it was this thought and the scientific approach that we had in mind.

After an extremely comprehensive review of scientific studies, we have developed targeted formulas for various use-cases, such as fighting off candida and yeast infections, improving digestive function or supporting efforts to lose weight. For each formula we hand-picked only those bacteria strains for which credible scientific studies showed a positive effect with regards to the intended use-case.

As a result, the bacteria strains that make it into our probiotic formulas are all there for a very specific and scientifically underscored reason.

Regulatory Standards Still Require Updating and Harmonization

Unfortunately, the regulatory landscape for probiotics in particular and dietary supplements, in general, are nothing but inconsistent.

Kaya Biotics – Organic Probiotics 'Made in Germany‘ - ShopNowBarLargeResponsiveAcross different states, there are different rules for the production, certification, and labeling of supplements. If you look at different countries, the differences between regulatory guidelines and laws are even more extreme.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly hard for consumers to recognize which supplements are really high-quality and which simply have a pretty label on them. Add in the huge differences in pricing between probiotics and it makes any kind of decision-making very hard.

If you look at production, country of origin plays an important role when it comes to determining the quality of probiotic supplements:

On the one hand, there are almost no controls in place in countries, such as China. This opens the door for cutting costs by using inferior ingredients or unsafe production (and cleaning) processes.

Regulatory oversight for the production of probiotic supplements in the EU, on the other hand, is very strict. In the EU, producers have to provide detailed documentation of all production processes and the origins of ingredients and are also subject to frequent visits by the regulatory bodies and their agents.

Quality & Origin Are Key To Effectiveness

From our point of view, this strict regulatory supervision is very desirable as it protects consumers and makes sure that there is a consistently high standard of quality you can rely on when taking probiotic supplements.

Kaya Biotics – Organic Probiotics 'Made in Germany‘ - KayaBioticsLogoTherefore, we are proud that Kaya Biotics stands for:

  • certified-organic, vegan and GMO-free probiotics
  • ‘Made in Germany’ and under tight regulatory supervision
  • hypoallergenic formulas without additives, fillers or binders
  • microencapsulation with stomach-acid resistant capsules
  • high-quality packaging with ultraviolet glass bottles, protecting the probiotics from UV light and increasing their effectiveness

You can now try our organic Kaya Biotics probiotics by choosing from three different formulas based on your needs. Use the promo code RUSCIO on our website for $10 discount on your first purchase.

What do you think? I would like to hear your thoughts or experience with this.

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