Digestive solutions, overcoming SIBO and other GI distress

Does your gut need a reset?

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Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Digestive solutions, overcoming SIBO, and other GI distress

Listen as one of my patients describes his success story in healing SIBO and other digestive issues. Through my hands on approach and Functional Medicine perspective, he was able to heal his gut, increase his focus and energy and live an overall more comfortable lifestyle.

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I came to Dr. Ruscio at the end of 2013. And by the time I found him, I had already been battling small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO, for about 2 years. And I had really come to the end of my rope. I had exhausted all the options in my area. I live in North Carolina.

And the very best hospitals were at my disposal. I had already been to them, received testing and treatment. And they had kind of gotten to the point where they had nothing left to offer me. So I went on a journey to try to gain my life back. And that brought me to finding Dr. Ruscio online.

And from the first time we talked, I knew that he got it. He understood the things that I had learned on my own through my journey, that diet and nutrition were very important, especially when dealing with a digestive disorder.

And we did some early testing and found other issues such as adrenal fatigue, candida overgrowth, and a parasite. So things that had gone un-diagnosed the whole time, he was able to find and treat in a very short amount of time and get me to feeling much better.
And as you can see, I am in the music business. I actually have a recording studio and an independent record label and publishing company. So it’s a very fast-paced, very challenging industry. And I was really having a hard time keeping up for a while there and just maintaining mental clarity and especially energy to be able to go through some of the long sessions that are required to meet deadlines.
And I’m happy to say in the past 6 months that I’ve been working with Dr. Ruscio, my energy is way up. My mental clarity, my mood, my happiness have all returned. And the minor digestive issues that are still there, we’re continuing to tweak. And things are getting better every day. So I know that my life will be fully back on track in a matter of days now, whereas before I wondered if it would ever happen.
And I just can’t encourage you enough to work with Dr. Ruscio, especially if you’ve gone down the path that I have and you’ve run out of options with conventional medicine and other treatment forms. And he’s always on top of the latest findings. I never bring anything to him that he hasn’t already heard of.

And I just take a lot of comfort in that and also in the fact that he’s so encouraging, whereas my doctors before were talking about just making me comfortable and trying to get some kind of quality of life left. And as a matter of fact, my last doctor before coming to Dr. Ruscio asked me would I be okay if this was as good as it ever got. And I told him no.

And the first time I talked to Dr. Ruscio, it was completely different. He had every bit of confidence that we could work together and get these things knocked out and get my life back. And he was absolutely correct. So thank you, Dr. Ruscio. Can’t thank you enough. And God bless you. So glad I found you.

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If you would like help understanding digestive solutions, click here.


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