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A Nutrient-Dense Paleo Diet for Autoimmunity

Using the Wahls protocol for healing with Dr. Terry L. Wahls.

The modified paleo diet called the Wahls protocol, developed by Dr. Terry Wahls to address her multiple sclerosis, can be a powerful diet for autoimmune and gut healing. In this episode, Dr. Wahls shares what really helps patients change their diet, what to include and avoid on the protocol, and whether adapting the protocol for gut health is ok.

In This Episode

Dr. Terry Wahls’ Story … 00:04:03
Improving Nutrient Density on the Paleo Diet … 00:08:41
Adapt Your Diet Template … 00:10:07
Cultural Sensitivity with Diet Modification … 00:13:54
Is Nutrient Status Important? … 00:16:33
Behavioral Change Model for Patient Compliance … 00:20:52
Transitioning to the Wahls Protocol … 00:25:44
Least Nutrient-Dense Plant Foods … 00:28:04
Wahls Protocol & Gut Health … 00:30:20
Does Microbiome Testing Give Actionable Results? … 00:33:28
Mental and Spiritual Health is Vitally Important … 00:41:11

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Wahls Protocol: Improving on the Paleo Diet

  • Make sure food is organic
  • Decrease meat, eggs
  • Increase:
    • Leafy, green vegetables
    • Sulfur-rich vegetables
    • Color
    • Fermented foods
    • Seaweed and algae
    • Organ meats
    • Diversity of foods
  • These foods are rich in vitamin K, polyphenols, magnesium, and carotenoids.
  • Avoid or limit:
    • Non-organic food
    • Sweet fruits: stick to berries or citrus fruits
    • Starchy vegetables

Adapt Your Wahls Protocol for Gut Health

  • Diet templates need to be adapted for personal needs
  • People with gut health conditions may need to consider low FODMAP or other modifications

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Encouraging Patient Compliance

  • Cultural sensitivity is important when suggesting diet modification.
  • If you can get people to adopt and maintain a healthy diet, there is sometimes miraculous healing.
  • Dr. Wahls uses a 15-step behavioral change model
    • Inspire patients with positive case studies and group visits.
    • Motivate patients by connecting changes with what’s important to them (i.e. what they love or really want).
  • Mental and spiritual health is vitally important for helping patients heal.
  • Evaluating how the patient feels and their symptoms is usually more valuable than lab testing.

Wahls Protocol & Gut Health

  • Eating well positively influences your gut microbiome, and therefore the “metabolome”.
  • See this study in which probiotics benefitted multiple sclerosis (MS) patients compared to controls.
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