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Is Your Thyroid Diagnosis Correct?

Shocking statistics that’ll make you rethink if it’s your thyroid or something else driving your symptoms

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In this episode, I answer the question, “Is your thyroid diagnosis correct?” Surprisingly, this question is asked more commonly than you think. Even in the functional medicine sphere, thyroid issues are overdiagnosed and overtreated, often leading patients down the wrong treatment path. 

Rather than being shoehorned into a thyroid diagnosis, it’s important to look at the scientific evidence that explains why it may not be your thyroid causing symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, or brain fog. Listen in to hear when thyroid medication and interventions are necessary, what TPO and TSH levels indicate a thyroid issue, and what steps you can take to discover the true root cause of your health issues.

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00:00 Intro 

00:23 Overprescribed Hormone – The Data

02:18 Symptom Confusion

03:47 TSH Levels

06:24 Why You Should Look Elsewhere

10:09 What About Sluggish Thyroid?

12:07 Thyroid Autoimmunity & TPO Levels

17:29 What You Can Do Now

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