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I began my healing journey with Dr. Ruscio over a year ago. As a medical doctor I was aware of the tremendous potential of functional medicine, but remained cautiously optimistic, considering the hype and lack of evidence based approach in which many functional medicine practitioners participate.

With his clinically sound, research driven, and results oriented approach, Dr. Ruscio quickly ended any doubts, as he successfully diagnosed and treated me for IBS & SIBO.

I have found Dr. Ruscio’s to be a calm and compassionate caregiver, who through dedication and mastery of His craft, is surely to provide much needed help to those have been long frustrated in the traditional approach of mainstream medicine.

As our journey to good health continues, I am confident in Dr. Ruscio’s knowledge and ability to guide me as far as possible!

Neda Vanden Bosch, MD
Diagnostic Radiology

Superb functional medicine knowledge and a caring doctor! I came to Dr. Ruscio with a lifelong weight issue as I had been overweight pretty much my whole adult life.

Dr. Ruscio was very compassionate and extremely well schooled! Under his direction and guidance I finally was able to lose “fat” and in just under one year lost about 90lbs! I feel great and will never forget my invaluable experience with this wonderful doctor! He truly changed my life – so much so that I developed my own passion for health and have since received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition. Dr. Ruscio not only helped me to lose fat and feel better than ever, but he also empowered me to make life long changes and pay it forward by dedicating my life to helping others. A truly amazing doctor, person and now a lifelong friend!

I highly recommend Dr. Ruscio’s Clinic. I have been a patient of his for a couple years now and have had an amazing recovery.

Dr. Ruscio started treating me for hormonal imbalance and then uncovered a fungal overgrowth in my intestinal track. After Dr. Ruscio treated me for this he put me on a maintenance plan that has allowed me to stay healthy going on 2 years now.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your help. I went to the doctors the other day and my blood tests came back today.

I went from an undetectable amount of estrogen level (for the past 5ish years) to NORMAL level!!!! This is such a huge step in my recovery and it only took a month or so. Thank you so much for all your guidance and care!!! Also I ran the half marathon last weekend and finished 8th in my age group, which was definitely a PR. Thank you again so so much! Hope things are well on the west coast!!

Dr. Michael Ruscio helps people identify why they are sick and helps them get well naturally.

He works with patients nationally utilizing lab-based natural medicine treatments to help a variety of patients from athletes to chronically ill overcome health problems and achieve optimal health and well being.

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