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Do you want to start feeling better?

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God, Medicine, and Being Yourself

How to find true health with Paul Chek.

How do you find true health? In this episode, Paul Chek explores how unapologetically being yourself, facing your true stress, and living a life of purpose can help you reach your full healing potential, whether you’re a patient or practitioner.

In This Episode

Paul Chek’s Background … 00:07:21
Starting the Chek Institute … 00:13:22
Health Obsession & Fanaticism … 00:15:44
What is Healthy? … 00:24:34
Cultivating a Healthy Life Purpose … 00:29:58
Merits vs Pitfalls of Religion … 00:39:16
Why People Become Fanatics … 00:55:47
The Health Risks of “Wearing Masks” & Being Yourself … 01:02:15
The Placebo Power of Costumes & Ceremonial Clothing … 01:14:46
Living Your Purpose Can Be Difficult … 01:20:14

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Health Obsession & Diet Fanatics

  • People become neurotic fanatics to off-gas their stress.
  • Health problems often stem from things beyond the physical, e.g. relationships and stress.
  • Helping people overcome these stresses should be central to the healing process.
  • Healthcare providers should be more cognizant about potentiation of fanaticism

What is Healthy?

  • Healthy is not being “perfect”, but having an internal sense of ease and looking forward to growth and improvement
  • Having a purpose is key for good health.

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If you remember back, I’ve discussed numerous times the only lab that is really validating a mapping of the microbiota to have clinical significance is the GA map out of Norway. Well, turns out that Doctor’s Data is not only using the same methodology but also in collaboration with this group in Norway using their parameters to adjust what we call normal, abnormal or dysbiotic and normal. So great news, we finally have a validated measure.

Now this test also offers, in addition to the microbiota dysbiosis index, a PCR assessment for bacteria, virus and pathogens, a comprehensive microscopy for a parasite, a MALDI-TOF bacteria and yeast culture. And as you would imagine, because of the rigorous validation they’ve gone through, they also have approval from the CE, which is equivalent to the European FDA.
So great test, please check them out. Doctor’s Data is offering 50% off a practitioner’s first GI 360 test kit. Go to doctorsdata.com/Ruscio to claim your first kit, limit one per provider. The offer ends October 31st, 2020.

Pitfalls vs. Benefits of Religion & Secularism

  • We can find many fallacious practices in secularism and in religion
  • Secular dogma exists.
  • Religion creates community and shared purpose, which is healthy, even if dogma is present. It also helps deal with the anxiety of unanswerable questions (like what happens after death).

The Health Risks of Wearing Metaphorical Masks & Being Yourself

  • Having to mask your true self creates health problems.
  • Be your true self, even in professional settings, as appropriate.
  • Shamans and modern day healing professionals wear ceremonial dress, which can encourage the power of the placebo effect.
  • Be more fun, people are looking for an excuse to be happier and more authentic.

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