Food Allergies Part 1

When this food allergy reaction occurs a few other thing happen too; remember no system operates in isolation.  This inflammatory-immune response in the intestines will also cause an elevation in stress hormones, and elevation in stress hormones further damages your intestinal lining.  As your intestines become damaged by this inflammatory-immune response your ability to breakdown and absorb food becomes compromised leading to nutrient deficiencies and toxic by product formation (toxicity).

Finally, there is also a connection to your male and female hormones.  Inflammation has been shown to cause elevations in a women’s levels of testosterone (advanced cases of this are known as PCOS) and elevations in estrogen in a male.  Additionally, as this inflammatory reaction keeps on causing a stress hormone response, it can eventually start to deplete your male/female hormones (also known as your anti-aging hormones).

 Does all this seem too good (or too bad) to be true.  We will have a look at the medical references shortly but for now in summary we see a gut issues causing;

  • an inflammatory reaction
  • an immune and potentially an autoimmune reaction (we really can’t separate the two)
  • the potential to cause toxicity
  • a stress hormone reaction
  • the potential to cause nutrient deficiencies by mal-absorption
  • the potential to imbalance male and female hormones
  • in case you didn’t catch it, this is everything on our “cause list”



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