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Practical, science-based advice to improve your gut health. Because a healthy gut means a healthy you.


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“Dr. Ruscio, DC places the tools for improving gut health in the hands of his readers.”

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN

Neurologist and New York Times Best Selling Author

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

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What People Are Saying

I have enjoyed the support, guidance, and inspiration of a short list of thought leaders in the holistic health space. Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC is at the top of the list.

Kelly Brogan

Kelly Brogan

Author of the NY Times Bestseller A Mind of Your Own

Dr. Ruscio, DC is a leader in our field of functional health. He has always impressed me with his science-based approach that also includes a practical application emphasis.

Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Dan Kalish

Functional health expert

Thanks to Dr. Ruscio, DC I dropped 2 pants sizes, eliminated bloating after each meal, and have tons of energy all day long!

Sean Olsen

Sean Olsen

I have studied gut health for nearly 20 years and have encountered few people with the level of knowledge on this topic that Dr. Ruscio, DC possesses.

Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf

New York Times Best Selling Author