Major Thyroid Hormone Update & Dr. Scott’s Journey with Mold - Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC

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Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Major Thyroid Hormone Update & Dr. Scott’s Journey with Mold

Should T3 and T4 be taken together? Plus, how to naturally recover from mold exposure

While there is a subset of people who feel better by taking T3 and T4 together, the study featured in this episode reveals potential negative side effects. This finding reiterates the importance of using therapies that work best for treating symptoms, not just lab work. Our clinic’s very own Dr. Scott went through a process of trial-and-error to find relief for his food sensitivities and heal from mold exposure. Tune in to the podcast to hear interesting insights about limbic retraining, the GUPTA program, and why the sequence of treatments is so important. 

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Hi, everyone. If you are looking for a functional healthcare provider or a doctor, reminder that our clinic offers telehealth nationwide. And I’m very excited to share that we currently have a six patient case series in peer review for publication in a medical journal.

We have another gut thyroid paper in the works for a fairly large medical journal. And third and finally, we are continuing to collect data on treatment of hydrogen sulfide SIBO with Probiotic Triple Therapy. And I’m excited to say, as the data are coming in, they look very encouraging.

So if you’re in need of efficacious, cause effective, and practical, functional healthcare, please reach out to the clinic. We also do offer free 15 minute discovery calls with our nurse. So if you’ve been thinking about this and you have a few questions you’d like to get answered, then please feel free to reach out. The clinic website is

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