Dr. Ruscio's Practitioner Question & Tip February 2019

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Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Practitioner Question of the Month – February 2019

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Practitioner Question of the Month - February 2019 - help circle

Practitioner Question of the Month

Joe Mather asks, “I’m curious to learn how you utilize virtual assistants/research assistants in your practice. What companies have you looked into and do you have any best practices or guidance for tasks that they are good fits for?”

In the clinic, I do not use any virtual assistants.

In the Ruscio Institute (website, podcast, book, etc…) I did for about 1 year when I was first starting out. I used a US-based company, Longer Days. The service was pretty good. There is a spectrum of cost-quality to navigate to find the ideal company/assistant.

  • Less expensive = you have to train them and have them execute whatever system you have built. They will do what you train them on, NOTHING else. Any thinking or problem solving will fall flat.
  • More expensive = they will be able to develop the systems you have built and will be able to do more than ‘crank the lever’ you have already built.
  • If you can afford it, always invest in better people. This is because you will likely grow, roles/systems will not be stagnant and thus a ‘do one thing over and over’ employee will not be a good fit.

In the Ruscio Institute now, we use various remote team members we hired through the custom hiring process I have discussed in previous issues of The FM Review. Our previous two VAs were found on Craigslist. Our most recent VA, who was spectacular, has now graduated to manager/executive assistant.

For research, I use a Ph.D. who follows our work and emailed asking if I required assistance one day. I have trained her in the research methodology I use and she has combined this with her knowledge base to establish a very efficient system. This has been quite helpful. Some other members of our team who have training in health/nutrition, also help with small research projects on occasion.

Our team has grown remarkably over the past few years. To bring you well-researched information, in a friendly format, and on a consistent base, has truly been a team effort.

Practitioner Question of the Month - February 2019 - practice tip

Practice Tip

I challenge you to take 4 hours, during whatever period of the day you feel you have your peak focus and creativity, to do nothing but think, reflect and leave your mind still and open. Do this within 1 week of reading this.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hamster wheel of to-dos, daily tasks, social obligations and so on. This can distract you from:

  • tuning into what you want,
  • realizing if you’re happy or if your coasting,
  • identify problems you might be ignoring that could improve your life if you just identified and fixed them
  • recognizing when you have drifted out of work-life balance

I know you have a lot to do, we all do. But guess what, that isn’t going anywhere, there is always going to be stuff to do. If you wait until ‘I’ve got the time’ you will never act because that time will never come. You must make the time. So, take a moment to step away and ‘sharpen your saw’. You will likely have a realization that impacts your life in a meaningful way.

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