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Practitioner Question of the Month – June 2018

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Practical Solutions for Practitioners

Practitioner Question of the Month - June 2018 - help circle

Practitioner Question of the Month

Eli asks, I understand probiotics can improve digestive function, but which one is the best to start with?”

Good question Eli.  There is no one best answer here.  You could make an argument that category 1 (lacto-bifido predominated formula) is the most well-researched category.  However, some may counter that those who are histamine sensitive may do better on a soil-based formula (category 3). I’m not convinced of the counter-argument, however, I am open.  I feel the counter-argument more emanates from soil-based manufactures looking for a marketable differentiating factor rather than from proof that this is a better place to start.

So, you can really start with any category; perhaps start with category one of you desire to be more evidence-based, or with category three if you are more concerned about histamine (although this is an untenable assumption).

Practitioner Question of the Month - June 2018 - practice tip

Practice Tip

Periodically audit your office systems.  

Things can break, and staff can drift into bad habits. This is why it’s important to periodically audit (or “check in” on) your systems and staff.  This can be a simple process that includes:

  • Calling your office and see how you are greeted, or have someone else call and listen in
  • Email your office doing the same
  • Have someone go through the new patient intake process and report to you on their experience
  • Have a package mailed to someone and inspect, if you mail out items
  • Check your billing, or have your accountant or bookkeeper perform a billing audit
  • Check the documentation and feedback your staff is providing to your patients; paperwork, treatment programs, handouts, etc…
  • Email your patients directly asking “What can we do better?”

The goal is not the ‘catch people making mistakes’ but rather to identify broken systems or deviations from working systems.  Then to better understand why this happens and go to work providing the support and resources needed to fix it.

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