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Practitioner Question of the Month – December 2018

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Practitioner Question of the Month

Using DHEA supplementation without lab testing

Allie Nowak asks:

Dr. Ruscio,
I see that you frequently use supplemental DHEA/Preg in most patients for adrenal support including fatigue/brain fog. What dose(s) do you typically use since you aren’t testing levels? Any risks to empirically treating?

Good question Allie. I used to be meticulous regarding dosing, then I realized this was your typical superfluous practice seen in functional medicine. I use about 30 drops of preg and 15 drops of DHEA each per day. Divided among 2-3 doses. Example Preg 10 drops 3x. Sometimes a little more or less depending on how someone responds initially and/or if they have a history of reactivity.

A small percentage of people are sensitive to DHEA and will react with a racing heart, sweaty palms, insomnia or like reactions. In these cases, I simply use other supports: herbal, vitamin, etc… In those with known PCOS, I usually avoid DHEA. Some with reflux are also bothered by the alcohol, so again I’ll use other methods.

I see no danger if you are working to find the minimal effective dose over time. Some are strongly against ever using these without lab testing and I know of no data that shows this to be the case. What I do know is many people are using oral DHEA OTC and seem to be just fine. I’m open on this, but it appeared in a clear area where we could simplify things. I’ve had no regrets since my switch about 4 years ago.

Practitioner Question of the Month - December 2018 - practice tip

Practice Tip

Don’t Rush During Your Charting – Take Time to Reflect and Learn

There is so much one can learn if they take time to review a patient’s chart notes. I spend a few minutes reviewing a chart before and after every office visit. During this time I am:

  • Looking for trends and patterns
  • Questioning my current beliefs
  • Searching for blind spots
  • Digging for ways to simplify the process
  • Reflecting on what the most efficient next step is
  • Thinking on what I would do if this next step does not work
  • Updating my differential diagnosis
  • Checking that there are not treatment recommendations that the patient is still on even though no benefit has been produced
  • Considering if any retesting is needed

I truly believe that much of what clinicians are paying to learn from seminars and clinical training programs can be discovered right here. In fact, I feel I am living proof of this. Despite doing MUCH fewer seminars and training over the past 4 years, my clinical results have improved measurably. A large part of this was because of learning from the cases right in front of me.

There is an old saying which applies:

You can have five years’ experience once or one years’ experience five times.

Make sure you aren’t repeating the same thing, year after year, but rather learning from that experience.

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