Female Hormone Imbalance

Christina share’s her story of overcoming irritability and PMS while also increasing energy and libido.

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Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio. And I’m here with Christina, who originally had some success with one of the programs we offer here at the office. And I wanted to take a minute and allow her to share her story with us. So, Christina, can you please tell us what first brought you in to see me?

Christina: I was having irregular menstrual cycles for over a year. And when I would get my period, my PMS symptoms would be pretty extreme. I was really moody and had horrible cramps.

DrMR: And how were these things affecting your life?

Christina: I did also experience low energy, which would make it hard to get up in the morning and go to work, and also getting up and getting my son ready for school. And the moodiness definitely affected my son and I’s relationship. I would snap at him all the time, and not only him but people at work, I would sometimes do that with them, as well. And the irregular cycle was just really concerning because it wasn’t getting better.

DrMR: So when you came into the office, we put you through our female hormone balancing program, which consist of some dietary changes and some natural medicines. Tell us what happened when you went through the program.

Christina: The first thing I noticed was my energy went up. And then, the second thing I noticed was my sex drive increased significantly, which wasn’t something that I was initially concerned with, but I could definitely tell the difference. And then, the third thing I noticed was my mood became a lot lighter. It was a lot easier to be nice to people. I didn’t find myself being snappy. I was smiling all the time. And I think the fourth thing I noticed was within the two-month period of doing the program, my period became regular, and I had two consecutive cycles.

DrMR: For any woman watching this who might be suffering with similar kinds of problems, what would you say to them?

Christina: I would say that it’s worth a try. And they will probably see success with it. And before they take anything else, they should definitely try this first.

DrMR: Okay. And do I have your permission to share this with people?

Christina: Yes.

DrMR: Okay. Christina, thank you very much!

Christina: You’re welcome!

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If you need help with hormone balancing, click here.


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