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Do you want to start feeling better?

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Dr. Ruscio featured on KRON4’s Medical Minute

Solutions for Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s & Graves Disease

Dr. Ruscio (Roo-show) is an expert in natural treatment for thyroid disease. His approach treats the cause of thyroid disease allowing patients to achieve lasting relief of their symptoms. Dr. Ruscio see’s patients in his private practice in Walnut Creek,CA and see patients internationally via the phone and skype. Dr. Ruscio is currently writing a book on thyroid disease.

There is a growing epidemic of people who suffer with thyroid disorders. Unfortunately, the standard treatment for thyroid problems produces lackluster results for many patients. With current estimates indicating that over 1 in 10 people will have a thyroid problem in the course of their life this is a fairly prevalent issue. It is likely that either you or someone you know is currently experiencing a thyroid problem, and you or they may not even know it. As you will see however, with the right doctor and the right approach, drastic improvement is possible.

Many people are on thyroid medication but still do not feel well. Others do not feel well and keep asking their doctor for help only to be told their lab tests are normal. This is because thyroid problems go far beyond looking at standard labs values of TSH and T4.

At our center we look at the entire person and determine what is causing your thyroid not to functional properly. If you are suffering with any of these you may have a thyroid problem:

Depression Fatigue Constipation
Weight Gain Feeling Cold Thinning Hair
Loss of Drive Dry Skin

  The hidden causes of most thyroid problems are:

Inflammation Immune Systems Dysregulation – Autoimmunity
Digestive Problems Toxicity
Nutrient Deficiencies Stress & Sex Hormonal Imbalances
Hidden Infections

  By looking at these we can determine why your thyroid is not functioning properly and take steps to restore your thyroid function. If you are struggling with a thyroid problem please know that

It is possible to feel your best again
It is possible to decrease or eliminate your medications
It is possible to identify and fix the cause of your thyroid problem
It is possible by treating the cause you can experience ‘side benefits’

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