Treating Graves’ Disease

Graves’ Disease is an autoimmune thyroid condition that can cause hyperthyroid, requiring someone to have their thyroid gland removed or destroyed. The same underlying immune dysfunction that causes hypothyroid also causes Graves’ Disease.

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Treating Graves’ Disease

Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hey, everyone. This is Dr. Ruscio. I am here with Debbie, who has done awesome. And she has Graves’. And it’s something we haven’t really had a chance to talk about much.

You came in with typical Graves’ presentation—racing heart, anxiety, feeling hot—some of the typical hyperthyroid symptoms.

Debbie: Yeah.

DrMR: And why don’t you tell everyone where you were in terms of the pressures you had in trying to figure out what to do.

Debbie: Well, it was really difficult because I did have all these symptoms. I got tested, and I did have Graves’. I did test positive for Graves’. So I did go see a highly respected endocrinologist. And his advice was to eliminate my thyroid. And I knew in my heart that I wanted to do whatever I could not to do that.

DrMR: Sure.

Debbie: I wanted to try to go more of a—

DrMR: And rightfully so.

Debbie: Yeah, through a natural route if I could. So it was kind of depressing because I felt like I had really no other option.

DrMR: Right.

Debbie: But then a friend of mine who is very natural—and she’s homeopathic and all that. So I guess she had told me that you were going to be doing a talk on thyroid.

DrMR: Sure.

Debbie: And so I didn’t think that was going to pertain to me because I had high thyroid. You are a specialist in low thyroid. So I wasn’t going to go. But then I ended up going. It was great because you actually helped me.

DrMR: Yeah. And I’m glad. And I asked her to make sure to mention that because the talk was on hypothyroidism. But the underlying mechanism which causes hypothyroid is autoimmune. And that’s also the main underlying mechanism for Graves’. And so the mechanics are really very much the same—

Debbie: Right.

DrMR: In terms of the underlying cause. And so we did some therapies to treat the underlying cause. And we also used some natural therapies to help dampen the hyperthyroid, which I don’t think a lot of people really appreciate. But there have been clinical trials using natural agents as anti-thyroid treatments to help quell that hyperthyroid spell you can have. And that worked really well for you.

Debbie: It worked great.

DrMR: And so your symptoms shot down pretty quickly.

Debbie: Oh, yeah.

DrMR: Her antibody levels came down. Her thyroid numbers normalized. They’re not normal. And I think that’s something maybe important for us to share. When treating a Hashimoto’s patient, for example, oftentimes their antibody levels come in very, very high initially. And then after therapies, they don’t quite get into the normal range. But they hover just above it.

And the same thing happened in Debbie’s case where she’s not textbook perfect. But she’s a heck of a lot better than she was before.

Debbie: Oh, my gosh!

DrMR: And I can consider it a clinical win where antibodies were much worse, and now they’re much better. Her symptoms are much better. And we’re just kind of in the monitoring phase right now. You’ve been symptom and flare free for about a year and a half or even longer.

Debbie: Yeah, about a little over a year.

DrMR: Yeah.

Debbie: Yeah, it’s been great.

DrMR: Yeah. So she’s done awesome. And I just wanted to get her take because Graves’ is something that I’m hoping someone watching this will see this and choose to act rather than getting radioactive iodine or your thyroid gland removed because, of course, once you do that there’s no going back.

Debbie: There’s no going back. And so you’re not alone. Things happen, but to really search out and find out what your alternatives are because it really can change your life. And it changed mine.

DrMR: Well, you’ve done awesome. Thank you for taking a moment to speak with us. And hopefully, to you viewing, this will be helpful for you. Thanks!

What do you think? I would like to hear your thoughts or experience with this.

If you need help treating Grave’s Disease, click here.


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