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Dr. Ruscio

DC, Clinician, Researcher

Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC is a clinician, Naturopathic Practitioner, clinical researcher, author, and adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport. His work has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and he speaks at conferences around the globe.

Michael Ruscio

Dr. Ruscio's Articles

How to Fix a Slow Metabolism

How to Fix a Slow Metabolism

If you’ve always thought you were cursed with a slow metabolism, know there are many ways to address it and improve your body’s ability to create energy.

Q&A: How to Best Use Probiotics

Q&A: How to Best Use Probiotics

What’s the best way to take probiotics? What if I had a reaction? Should they be rotated? Get answers to these questions and more in this probiotic Q&A.

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