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Have your questions answered and obtain the guidance you need to accelerate your healing process without wasting time and money on unnecessary treatment, diets, or testing.

How much will this cost?


Introductory Q&A Consultation

10 minutes
FREE (limited to ONE consult per client)


Initial Assessment & Coaching Plan

50 minutes


Weekly Follow Up Coaching Session

20 minutes


Bi-Weekly Follow Up Coaching Session

50 minutes
$178 per session

How Does The Process Work?

1st: Book an Introductory Q&A Consultation

Share your health concerns, learn more about health coaching and assess if it is the right fit for you. Get started today.

2nd: Schedule your Initial Assessment & Coaching Plan and Complete the Health Questionnaire

Your health coach will review your health history with you and discuss next steps to rebuilding your health. You will leave this session with clarity and action steps that can be taken immediately.

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3rd: Get Weekly Guidance with a Coaching Package

Available as 1, 2, and 3 month packages, these sessions are intended to support you on your journey to optimal health. You can choose from weekly 30 minute coaching sessions or bi-weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions.

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Ways to Work With Us





*via Zoom, HIPAA compliant & secure

Who Will I Work With?

Aimee Gallo is a Certified Nutritionist specializing in functional medicine and fitness. She’s had a passion for nutrition for over 20 years and has recognized the importance of exercise in maintaining health for nearly as long. She utilizes her skills as a coach and practitioner to work closely with her clients and find unique methods that work for the individual, no matter where they are at on their eating and exercise spectrum.

Learn more about Aimee on our Podcast episode on Health Coaching


Dr. Ruscio’s, DC, Health Coach Can Help You With…

Understanding the Root Cause

Don’t waste time chasing symptoms.  Invest in the guidance to understand what is a distraction and what is the cause of your symptoms.  The importance of this cannot be overstated.

From Dr. Ruscio, DC

“This is one of the most common problems in alternative health, people waste time, money and energy pursuing the wrong thing. They make an effort yet do not improve because of this. This happened to me and we can help prevent this from happening to you.”

Understanding the root cause helps inform diet, supplements, lifestyle and testing.  


  • What supplements do I need and which ones are unnecessary?
  • How to know if a supplement is working?
  • What dose?  For how long?
  • What supplements pair best together?


  • What is the best version of a diet to do?  Get the exact dietary guidelines Dr. Ruscio, DC uses in his clinic.
  • How to find my ideal diet?
  • How to know if a diet is working?
  • How to get started with diet? How strict do I have to be?
  • Know when to move on from a diet.


Have I overlooked something important in my lifestyle?  Sleep? Stress? Over-worrying about diet,health, etc…


What testing does Dr. Ruscio, DC endorse or advise against.

*please note we can’t make personalize testing recommendations nor interpret test results*

Putting It All Together?

How to best personalize the Healthy Gut, Healthy You protocol?

How to best combine diet and supplements.

What Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Health Coach Can’t Do

  • Read and interpret labs
  • Advise on prescription medications
  • Recommend treatments based upon specific lab findings

What Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Health Coach Can Do

  • Help you greatly simplify the landscape of available actions.
  • Prevent you from getting swept away in the sea of ineffective testing, worry and dogma.
  • Help focus on what the best course of action is in order to feel better.

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