Dr. Ruscio’s Wrap Up #135

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On Monday, we discussed if the flu vaccine is more effective with probiotics.

On Wednesday’s podcast release, we answered listener questions on tests for autoimmunity, how to become a Functional Medicine practitioner, thyroid antibodies & eating worse but feeling better.

Dr. Ruscio’s Weekly Tip

In this week’s tip, we discussed how to heal SIBO and GI Dysbiosis with botanical medicines.

Latest Research

Fecal volatile organic compound profiling is a low cost, non-invasive tool that might be used to predict responses of patients with irritable bowel syndrome to low-FODMAP diet and probiotics and help to identify their mechanisms of action.

A long-term treatment modality of anti-inflammatory drugs and probiotics is viable and could be an alternative to corticosteroids in mild-to moderate ulcerative colitis.

One explanation for the increased prevalence of autism is that increased exposure to acetaminophen, exacerbated by inflammation and oxidative stress, is neurotoxic in babies and small children. This view mandates extreme urgency in probing the long-term effects of acetaminophen use in babies and the possibility that many cases of infantile autism may actually be induced by acetaminophen exposure shortly after birth.

Consuming probiotics could reduce body weight and body mass index (BMI), with a potentially greater effect when multiple species of probiotics were consumed, the duration of intervention was ≥8 weeks, or the objects were overweight.

A low FODMAP, but not a traditional IBS diet may have significant impact on fecal bacteria. Responsiveness to a low FODMAP diet intervention may be predicted by fecal bacterial profiles.

Laugh a Little!

Healthy Foodie

Sébastien Noël: Deviled Eggs With Bacon
Loren Cordain: Carrot Coconut Lemongrass Soup
Jason Glaspey, Founder: Mini Chicken Casseroles
Sébastien Noël: Paleo Carrot Cake

Happiness Homework 

Stretch and go to bed early.

Dr. Ruscio’s Quotable

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
— John C. Maxwell


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