Dr. Ruscio’s Wrap Up #120

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On Monday, we discussed how selenium & CoQ10 reduce cardiovascular death.

On Wednesday’s podcast release, we spoke with Dr. Lawrence Afrin and discussed Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Dr. Ruscio’s Weekly Tip

In this week’s tip, we discussed that selenium + CoQ10 protect from heart disease.

Latest Research

This study found that consuming yogurt containing L. gasseri twice a day for six weeks reduces the prevalence of small bowel mucosal breaks and reddened lesions.

H. pylori infection was found to be significantly associated with the presence of SIBO as determined by functional breath testing. Additionally, SIBO rates appeared to increase after completed eradication therapies.

Procalcitonin is found to be correlated with thyroid autoantibiodies and is an independent risk factor for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, suggesting procalcitonin is associated with autoimmunity.

This study found the most important contributors for the development of SIBO in ascending order are immunosuppression, impairment of intestinal clearance, and levothyroxine use – but they do not sufficiently explain its emergence.

Vitamin D treatments improve testosterone levels, metabolic syndrome, and erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men.

Laugh a Little!

Healthy Foodie

Gina Homolka: Ceviche in Cucumber Cups and My Tour of the CIA
Loren Cordain: Cordains’ Kitchen: Waldorf Salad Paleo Style
Jason Glaspey, Founder: Liver Sausage and Eggs
Taste Team: Coconut Eton mess

Happiness Homework 

Have dinner at a nice restaurant.

Dr. Ruscio’s Quotable

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
― Francis of Assisi


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