Dr. Ruscio's Weekly Wrap Up- #36

Does your gut need a reset?

Yes, I'm Ready

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Weekly Wrap Up – #36

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In case you missed it

On Monday, we discussed the common association between the Epstein-Barr Virus, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, and fatigue; and whether or not treatment is necessary.

On Wednesday’s podcast release, we took a look at three supplements that could help or harm your thyroid.

Latest Research

Splenda alters gut microflora in male rats.

The parasites Dientamoeba fragilis and Blastocystis were not found to contribute to IBS in a study conducted in Denmark.  Dr. Ruscio says: both of these protozoa appear to have mixed data; sometimes they are associated with causing GI illness, sometimes they’re not.  So, what to do?  If this is the only finding in a symptomatic patient, then treat.  If there are other infections/findings, treat those and then re-evaluate.  If there are no symptoms, do not treat.

Combat training is stressful to your gut. No real surprise here.

A common feature of Celiac disease is weight loss.  However, a recent study has found that some overweight children can have Celiac.  So just because one is overweight does not mean we can definitively rule out Celiac.

Undiagnosed Celiac disease may be responsible for infertility.  This study suggests a Celiac screening in those who have unexplained infertility.

Mercury and autism – is there a link?  A recent systemic review found that research regarding mercury in autism suggests a high risk of bias due to industry funding.

EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure may decrease sleep quality.  Dr. Ruscio says: in my opinion this has been one of the more fringe concepts in alternative medicine, so it’s nice to see some research validating this. 

Laugh a Little!

Healthy Foodie

PaleOMG: Creamy Cauliflower Shrimp Chowder
A Clean Plate: Pizza Omelet
Balanced Bites: Pumpkin Caramel Toffee Crunch Parfaits
Comfy Belly: Breakfast Cookies

Happiness Homework 

Buy someone you love flowers, just because!

Ruscio’s Quotable

Man seems to be adapting to the ugliness of smoky skies, polluted streams, and anonymous buildings; to life without the fragrance of flowers, the song of birds, and other pleasurable stimuli from nature. This adaptation, however, is only superficial, and destructive in the long run. Air, water, earth, fire, the subtle forces of the cosmos, the natural rhythms and diversity of life have shaped man’s nature during the evolutionary past and have created deep-rooted sensual and emotional needs that cannot be eradicated. The impoverishment of sensual and emotional life will progressively result in the atrophy of our uniquely human attributes.

– Dubos R. Man Overadapting. Psychology Today. 1971;4(Feb):5–53.

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