Support Your Gut With Probiotics

If you find that your symptoms aren’t responding to dietary and lifestyle changes, the next step will be incorporating the available gut treatments into your plan. These are the same probiotics I use in the clinic with my patients, in each of the three probiotic categories, which work synergistically together to help fight dysbiosis like SIBO candida yeast, H. pylori, help to eradicate parasites, help to reduce leaky gut and repair the gut barrier, can improve gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pain and may even improve mood, skin, sleep and thyroid function.

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Here’s what is important regarding the use of probiotics:

  • Probiotics are bacterial species of organisms that provide benefit to the host.
  • Probiotics are not all the same: some produce acids, some produce gas, and some are found in soil.
  • Probiotics do not appear to colonize you (they are transient), but they do provide substantial benefits.
  • Probiotics can help clear infections from the gut and resolve imbalances (dysbioses).
  • Probiotics can enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics and, in some cases, are as effective as antibiotics in treating infections. They also return the gut microbiota to normal after antibiotics.
  • Probiotics have more of an impact on your small intestine than they do on the large intestine.
  • Probiotics rebalance the gut microbiota and help increase diversity and the amount of good bacteria.
  • Probiotics stimulate the immune system and enhance your gut’s protective mucous membrane.