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The Gut-Thyroid Connection Might Be the CAUSE Of Your Problem

Here is the bottom line:

anytime you see thyroid symptoms occurring with gut symptoms, the gut should be addressed to get to the root cause.

This is one of the most common mistakes I see patients make. They chase thyroid symptoms while overlooking what was the cause of their symptoms, their gut. Don’t let this be you.

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Thyroid Autoimmunity

Did you know there is a high association between hypothyroidism and imbalances in the gut like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and H. Pylori bacteria? [1, 2, 3] Both of which we expand upon in Healthy Gut, Healthy You. This is
the gut-thyroid connection.

Preliminary evidence has found that certain treatments to improve gut health can improve thyroid autoimmunity and symptoms. [5, 6]

On Thyroid Medication?

If you’re on medication and not feeling well, there is a high likelihood your symptoms are coming from your gut. You may
improve your symptoms AND need less medication after improving your gut health. Just like Laura, who improved her gut health and…

  • Lost weight
  • Improved her energy
  • Is sleeping better
  • Has less joint pain
  • Is on half her original thyroid medication dose

See more from Laura here and here

Can You Get Off Your Thyroid Medication?

If you’re on medication but without a firm hypothyroid diagnosis there is a chance you might not need the medication. A 2018 study found

60% of those on medication, without a firm diagnosis, did not need medication.

This suggest, in my opinion, that thyroid symptoms which don’t improve from medication could be coming from the gut.

By improving your gut health you will

  • At least – improve symptoms and still be on medication
  • At better – need less meds and have improved symptoms
  • At best – improve symptoms and come off medication

*do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your doctor

No Thyroid Diagnosis, But Suspecting Thyroid?

If this is you there is a very high likelihood that a problem in your gut could be causing your symptoms. It’s important to see your doctor so that you can rule out hypothyroidism. But if this has been done and your doctor has said ‘nothing is wrong with your thyroid’ there is a good chance your thyroid symptoms are coming from your gut.

You can now use the same personalize process via the Healthy Gut, Healthy You Quickstart Guide.

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