Functional Medicine Formulations

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A supplement line that has been developed and curated by Dr. Michael Ruscio

These are the same supplements and probiotics I use in the clinic with my patients. Is there anything special about the products I recommend? Well, yes and no. I could tell you these are the “purest ingredients” or the “most bioavailable forms,” but this is more supplement-company sales jargon than truth. Here’s what is important regarding the specific product recommendations in our Great-in-8:

  • The dosages and forms used approximate those that have been used in the clinical studies.
  • The supplements are the ideal balance between quality and cost. Using a car as an analogy, we don’t want you driving a lemon, but you probably don’t need a Ferrari either. We don’t want you using junk supplements, but this doesn’t mean you need the most expensive supplements either—let’s make this economical.
  • The supplements are free of common allergens (hypoallergenic) and irritants like gluten and emulsifiers, and are, therefore, gut friendly and good for sensitive patients.

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