Functional Medicine Formulations

A supplement line that has been developed and curated by Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC

These are the same supplements and probiotics I use in the clinic with my patients. Is there anything special about the products I recommend? Well, yes and no. I could tell you these are the “purest ingredients” or the “most bioavailable forms,” but this is more supplement-company sales jargon than truth. Here’s what is important regarding the specific product recommendations in our Great-in-8:

  • The dosages and forms used approximate those that have been used in the clinical studies.
  • The supplements are the ideal balance between quality and cost. Using a car as an analogy, we don’t want you driving a lemon, but you probably don’t need a Ferrari either. We don’t want you using junk supplements, but this doesn’t mean you need the most expensive supplements either—let’s make this economical.
  • The supplements are free of common allergens (hypoallergenic) and irritants like gluten and emulsifiers, and are, therefore, gut friendly and good for sensitive patients.

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14 thoughts on “Functional Medicine Formulations

    1. Yes! We ship anywhere FedEx ships. Though you’ll probably want to check to see if AUS has any customs rules about importing supplements. Hope this helps!

  1. Thanks Drew. I have bought Dr Ruscio book. Is there a package deal of supplements that will allow me to complete the great in 8 plan? Probably best to get all of them at once to save in postage costs. What do you think?

  2. Regarding Elemental Heal; it notes that it contains Milk. Lactose is a huge problem for SIBO patients; I know it is for me. I don’t see milk listed anywhere, however, it does say it contains Milk. Your thoughts regarding this. Thanks

    1. Hi Donna,

      The product is casein and lactose free and was designed to be devoid of allergens. Due to regulations, we must list milk because it does contain whey milk, however this product is very well tolerated by those who generally cannot tolerate dairy.

  3. Hi, I was looking to buy supplements to complete the Great in 8 plan. I am not sure how many bottles of each supplements I need (except for step 3 as it is clearly stated). How are we supposed to know how many of each we need? I don’t want to buy too many if I won’t need them, and I also don’t want to run out of supplements when I am in the middle of the plan. It would have been great if at the end of the book there was like a list of all the supplements we need with the number of bottles needed for each step.


    1. Hi Debora,

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s a little hard to determine one number for everyone because everyone is different and may need to be on parts of the protocol for longer or shorter amounts of time. Some people may be able to wean off of digestive enzymes right away, while others may need to be on them for longer, so it’s hard to give a guideline that will fit everyone. For step 2, the book states to continue those supplements until step 7, and while you might not know exactly how long it will take you to get there, you can probably estimate and then look at the number of pills per bottle to determine how much to order. And if you see you’re running low, but still have time left on the protocol, hopefully you can place a refill order before you run out. Hope this helps.

  4. Is it necessary to add oil to the Elemental Heal? Will it work just as well without it? I avoid oils. Thanks.

    1. Hi Frances,

      Our formula is very low-fat, so without adding oils, it may be extremely difficult to get enough fat in your diet. I suppose it also depends on how long you plan to do it. A short while may be fine, while a longer timeframe may pose more of a probem.

  5. Are there any sample or travel sizes of Elemental Heal? I’d like to try it before purchasing the large size, to ensure I don’t have a reaction.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      We don’t have any sample sizes available, but if you do have a reaction, you’re welcome to return your first order for a full refund. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Jo,

      Unfortunately, no. Our money back guarantee covers those who experience negative reactions to a formula.

      While many people experience profound improvements using our products, the reality is that not everything is going to work for everyone and we’re unable to guarantee that it will.

      Hope this helps.

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