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Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Research-backed strategies to transform your health from the inside out

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I have studied gut health for nearly 20 years and have encountered few people with the level of knowledge on this topic that Dr. Ruscio possesses. Interestingly, his knowledge is not confined merely to research concepts, nor a purely clinical understanding. Dr. Ruscio is unique in that his knowledge and experience are at the highest level of both theory and practical application of improving gut health. His book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their gut health.

Robb Wolf

New York Times Best Selling Author

As a dietitian with celiac, I have a high interest in helping people heal their guts. Dr. Ruscio’s book is the authority to learn about the microbiome and how it relates to diet, sleep, movement, sunlight, and stress. If you’re confused between diets like Elemental and low FODMAP, and wondering whether taking probiotics or adding fiber or digestive enzymes might help you, this is the book you need. It’s a fantastic resource, complete with evidence and sound interpretation for both clinicians and those who have not seen results through traditional routes. Diana Rodgers, licensed registered dietician nutritionist and creator of SustainableDish.com

Diana Rodgers

Licensed Registered Dietician &
Creator of Sustainabledish.com

The Problem

Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio, DC, and I’d like to explain why my new book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, can help you vastly improve your health.

I’ve noticed people are confused regarding the cause of their health ailments, often wondering “Is it my thyroid, nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, toxins, maybe bacterial overgrowth…?” And people also struggle with where to start. “Should I be low carb, high fiber, gluten-free, taking probiotics or vitamin D…?

This dilemma is worsened because the proposed solutions are often dogmatic: avoid gluten completely, no carbs, handfuls of supplements, or what have you…. This creates plans that are hard to follow AND expensive.

The Realization

So what do you do? What is the fastest and easiest way to feel better? You start with your gut. Fixing a problem in the gut often addresses the root cause of your symptoms… symptoms like fatigue, depression, anxiety, joint pain, sleep difficulties, skin issues, and weight gain.

Because starting with the gut addresses the cause of many health ailments, you end up doing less, but achieving more. Less dietary changes, less supplements, but with more improvements in how you feel.

The Solution

This is why I am so excited about my new book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You.

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In this book, all of the important information regarding your gut health is first translated into an interesting storyline. Then, at the end of the book, I organize everything we have learned into a step-by-step plan that is personalized to your needs so we can get you healthy. Because the plan is personalized, it’s efficient – you obtain maximal improvement with minimal effort.

By going through this step-by-step plan, we will work together to determine what diet is best for you and what supplements you should use, in what sequence, and for how long.

From someone who has been on a personal journey to regaining their health and who has lost countless nights of sleep flip-flopping from one guru-approach to the next… this is the most comprehensive piece of literature I have been exposed to that truly dissects the variables that lead to optimal gut health.

— Ryan C.

Customer Testimonial

This books has given me many answers and guidance to help myself and all the people I work with to create better health more resilience and balance in their lives.

— Alon D.

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Symptoms this book can improve


  • Gas, bloating & pain
  • Constipation, diarrhea
  • Reflux, indigestion, heartburn


  • Fatigue, wired but tired
  • Exercise intolerance


  • Anxiety & depression
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings


  • Weight gain
  • Thyroid
  • High blood sugar & cholesterol


  • Acne, breakouts
  • Eczema & psoriasis


  • Hashimoto’s thyroid autoimmunity
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease


  • Insomnia
  • Unrefreshing sleep

How? By treating the root cause – your gut!

What you will learn

  • How to find your ideal diet for optimum gut and overall health, and not require a highly restrictive diet to do so
  • What supplemental protocols have been shown effective, and where you should save your money
  • How to use these protocols efficiently and without breaking the bank
  • Specific product and dose recommendations
  • Why what many people think is hypothyroidism is actually a problem in the gut
  • How improving gut health can improve thyroid autoimmunity and thyroid hormone levels
  • Why your gut is so critically important
  • How your gut can be the underlying cause of depression, fatigue, insomnia, and hypothyroid symptoms
  • Everything you need to know about SIBO, IBS, candida, probiotics, stomach acid, digestive enzymes, fiber, gluten, carbs, and more…
  • What to do if nothing else has worked for you
  • Why the most common cause of adrenal fatigue is poor gut health
  • How to use exercise, sun exposure, and vitamin D to heal your gut

Are you searching for the best gut-health protocols?

Healthy Gut, Healthy You lays out all the specific protocols needed to heal your gut. However, have you ever noticed what works for someone else didn’t work for you? That is because no two people are the same. Because of this, it’s more important to have a program that personalizes the protocols to your needs.

In the book’s self-help program, we will re-assess, step-by-step, and modify the protocols to continually fit your needs. There is no magic pill, diet, or dose, but you can obtain miraculous results if we personalize sound protocols to fit your needs.

The book essentially has 2 main parts: Informational and Self-Help

The Informational Aspect

This book is what I feel to be the most scientifically and clinically accurate, and up-to-date, book available on gut health today. It tells the story not only of my clinical experience, but that of nearly 1,000 scientific references that have evolved our understanding of how the gut works and how we can repair it. These references are not merely footnotes that were farmed up from animal and petri dish studies to reinforce what I believe. These studies have shaped my clinical practice and guided this book. The majority of the studies are clinical trial data or higher.

This section will summarize what the evidence shows for diets like low carb diets, the paleo diet, and the low FODMAP diet. It will also summarize the evidence regarding probiotics, adrenal support, digestive enzymes, herbal antimicrobials, and more. It will provide a no-nonsense summary of what these tools can and cannot do. It will also help you understand common imbalances in the gut like SIBO, fungus, candida, and H. pylori, amongst others, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

The Self-Help Aspect

This book is written to empower and help you, the reader, providing a personalized step-by-step process to improve your health that is not dependent upon elaborate diets or excessive supplement programs and providing practical solutions that are also cost-effective. If you are not well, the first step should be optimizing your gut health. This is because the hidden cause of many symptoms, including non-digestive symptoms like fatigue and depression, is an unhealthy gut. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s usually the best place to start. You will not finish this book being afraid of food or indoctrinated into thinking you must take supplements for the rest of your life. You will feel educated and empowered.

You will have a step-by-step protocol to follow, helping you first determine how you should eat, then, if diet has not provided adequate relief, how to use the other available tools, like probiotics and herbal medicines, to heal and repair your gut. You will be provided with the exact foods to eat, the exact supplements to take, with exact doses, for how long, and finally how to eventually have a broad and open diet, while also being on little to no supplements in the long term.


Disclaimer for Testimonials: Consumers generally may not be expected to achieve the same or similar results as others who have used our services and who have subsequently written or recorded video testimonials and endorsements. We make no guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding your health or about the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of the information. All testimonials are presented “as is”. Use at your own risk and make your own health and wellness decisions.

Meet Doctor Ruscio. Meet Doctor Ruscio.

About Dr. Ruscio, DC

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC. I am a doctor, researcher, author, and health enthusiast. I practice Functional Medicine with an emphasis on natural and nutritional solutions. I give smart, busy people who are suffering from symptoms of chronic illness simple steps to get better, and get on with life.

After years of an active life as a healthy athlete, I suddenly found I was tired, depressed, and my digestion was off. I couldn’t sleep at night. My hair was thinning and I had no libido. I needed multiple naps to get through a day and experienced brain fog from eating almost anything. I was feeling depressed and woke up at 3 a.m. with insomnia only remedied by chocolate. I went to a few doctors and, disappointingly, all my lab tests came back normal. I was told there was nothing wrong with me, but I knew something was very wrong.

I read everything I could on the internet and proceeded to waste a ton of money on herbs, vitamins, and supplements in attempts at treating my symptoms. I eventually found Functional Medicine and figured out that a gut infection was at the root of all my problems. I learned how to heal my gut, re-balance my hormones, and get my health back.

After reading this book and going through the self-help plan, you can expect to feel vastly better because you have addressed the root cause of your symptoms, your gut.

Equally as important, you will feel empowered, educated, and confident in the plan that we, together, have crafted for you.

The most important step you can take in optimizing your health is improving the health of your gut. I look forward to guiding you through this process and witnessing the remarkable improvements this plan can produce.

Thanks to this book, I dropped 2 pants sizes, eliminated bloating after each meal, and have tons of energy all day long!

—Sean O.

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