Are You Really Sick? How to Read Labs and How to Use Science- Episode 50

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Were you disappointed you couldn’t make it to London for Dr. Ruscio’s recent Functional Medicine seminar? Well, don’t worry because this week, we bring you three of the best topics of the seminar! If you need help with your health, click here. Dr. R's Fast Facts Often times a positive lab value has no meaning. It’s important that both doctors and patients realize this because it can prevent unneeded fear and worry. We discuss examples regarding thyroid, SIBO and … [Read more...]

Early Life and Autoimmunity- Impact of Breastfeeding and Daycare


Early life factors, like breastfeeding and daycare, impact autoimmunity later in life.  A study was recently published that looked at what impact both breastfeeding and daycare have on the development of the autoimmune condition type 1 diabetes later in life.  The highly interesting results are not what you might expect. If you need help with autoimmunity, click here Subscribe to Dr. Ruscio’s YouTube account   Early Life and Autoimmunity, The Impact of Daycare and … [Read more...]

Dr. Ruscio’s Weekly Wrap Up – #28


If you need help using this information to become healthier, click here. In Case You Missed It On Monday, we took a look at a landmark study that demonstrates promise for those dealing with thyroid autoimmunity. On Wednesday's podcast release, we talked with Mickey Trescott about her unique approach to the Autoimmune Paleo Diet.   Latest Research If you are planning on becoming pregnant – a recent meta-analysis (very high level data) showed women with preeclampsia had lower zinc … [Read more...]

The Autoimmune Paleo Diet with Mickey Trescott- Episode 49

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Confused about the Autoimmune Paleo Diet? Not sure what foods to eat or not to eat? Think it’s impossible to do because it’s so strict? Mickey Trescott from joins us to answer those questions and more on this episode of Dr. Ruscio Radio. If you need help with finding the right diet for you, click here. Subscribe: Topics: Mickey Trescott’s story.....2:16 The Autoimmune Protocol defined.....9:21 Food reintroductions.....13:47 Symptoms of reactive … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Treats Thyroid Autoimmunity – A Landmark Study


As we have discussed previously, many of the health benefits of vitamin D supplementation may have been over exaggerated.  However, there is one area where this may not be the case – autoimmunity.  There is not much research on vitamin D as a treatment for autoimmune conditions, however a recent study has shown promise for those with thyroid autoimmunity. For help with your thyroid or vitamin D levels, click here Subscribe to Dr. Ruscio’s YouTube account   Vitamin D Treats … [Read more...]

Dr. Ruscio’s Weekly Wrap Up – #27

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If you need help using this information to become healthier, click here. In Case You Missed It On Monday, we looked at a recent review paper that touched on IBS and SIBO, providing relevant updates and insights into these important gut conditions. On Wednesday's podcast release, we brought you a taste of the content from my recent (re)Find Health Symposium appearance in London. In this episode, we tackled all your gut, thyroid and microbiota questions! Latest … [Read more...]

Gut, Thyroid, and Microbiota Clinical Training- Episode 48

Dr. Ruscio was off last week teaching his London (re)Find Health Symposium. He didn’t want everyone who could not attend the seminar to miss out, so this week’s show is a recording Dr. Ruscio did with InVivo Clinical covering topics he presented on in London. Answering all your questions about the gut, thyroid and microbiota. If you need help with your gut, thyroid, or microbiota, click here. Subscribe: Topics: Intro.....0:42 Dr. Ruscio bio.....1:53 Connection of the gut to … [Read more...]

Updates on SIBO and IBS


IBS, which typically manifests as gas, bloating, constipation/diarrhea and abdominal pain,  oftentimes can be caused by SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). A recent review paper was published that provides some interesting updates on both IBS and SIBO.  Let’s review the highlights in this paper. If you need help with IBS, click here Subscribe to Dr. Ruscio’s YouTube account   Updates on SIBO and IBS Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hi, everyone. This is Dr. Ruscio with some … [Read more...]

Dr. Ruscio’s Weekly Wrap Up – #26

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If you need help using this information to become healthier, click here In case you missed it On Monday, we took a look at the evidence for SIBO. We weighed the evidence to gain an understanding of this confounding condition.  On Wednesday's podcast release, we took on gut infections and intracellular infections. Spurred on by a listener question, we laid out when these types of infections should be explored. Latest Research “There was no statistically significant difference in … [Read more...]

Treating Blasto, H. pylori, and Intracellular Infections- Episode 47

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Confused about the treatment of gut and intracellular infections? This week we answer a listener question about treating Blasto, and H. pylori and when intracellular infections should be looked for. If you need help in testing or treating a gut infection, click here. Dr. R's Fast Facts Gut infections like Blasto and H. Pylori can co-occur with SIBO and/or with Lyme and Lyme co-infections The gut should always be treated first and follow up testing should be performed to ensure gut … [Read more...]