Health Coaching: Practical and Cost-Effective Care

Does your gut need a reset?

Yes, I'm Ready

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Health Coaching: Practical and Cost-Effective Care

Reaching your health goals with health coach Aimee Gallo.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have searched diligently for a Health Coach who truly understands our perspective and approach to no-nonsense, practical, and effective functional and integrative care.

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Introducing Aimee Gallo, Our New Health Coach

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve hired Aimee Gallo, B.S., M.S., to provide our new online health coach services! Not everyone needs a doctor to improve their digestive health or reach their health goals. Health coaches are key players on any integrative health team, but I wanted to find a health coach that closely matched our practice approach. Aimee brings this perspective, and so much more to support you.

Aimee’s Background as a Health Coach

Aimee comes to our practice with extensive coaching experience and training. She has been passionate about nutrition from an early age, and has always understood that what we eat affects our health.

Aimee earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Exercise from Bastyr University, and is trained as a Certified Health Coach  from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise. She recently completed a Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, Portland. She said, “I was noticing that people were getting sicker and having more complex health issues and chronic conditions. My bachelor’s degree hadn’t prepared me for that level of support, so I went back to get my Masters.”

Aimee ran a private nutrition and fitness practice for 16 years, and has helped clients as an exercise coach, health and wellness coach, and supported their nutrition.

What Can A Health Coach Help With?

Though you can be seen by a doctor and get good health care, not everyone needs that. You can also make good use of free resources, like Healthy Gut, Healthy You and podcasts, to improve your gut health. However, not everyone is able to fully execute on their own and may need a little bit of help. Health behaviors often need adjustments, but are challenging to change.

People focus meticulously on diet when they’re missing other important aspects. Or they’ve read a blog about a miracle supplement, and they get tunnel vision and miss this glaringly obvious low-hanging fruit that could really help them.

About how a health coach can help, Aimee said, “It really is a more efficient way to go about the healing process. When you’re working with a health coach, you’re essentially working with a health detective…

“Even if you have the perfect protocol, if you have family that’s resistant to supporting your change, if you have a work schedule that is insane, or you’re traveling a lot, implementing the perfect protocol can be extremely challenging. Working with a health coach, you’ve got someone who has a bunch of tools and resources to help you navigate that protocol and help you be successful.”

Health Coaching and Analysis Paralysis

According to Aimee, one of the biggest obstacles to healing is “paralysis by analysis, or having so many choices and so many voices” suggesting what we should do. Aimee suggests one of the most important questions to answer is, “How do we discern what is appropriate for us?”.  She continues, “Having someone available to help you navigate that just takes the burden off of you.”

“Our physicians and functional medicine practitioners don’t always have the time to be able to do that deep dive, dialoguing, and troubleshooting with us. Utilizing health coaching is quite a bit cheaper, to be frank, and gives you that attention and support that often we don’t necessarily have unless we reach out and grab it.’

Get Health Coaching with Aimee

If you are trying to manage your gut health challenges on your own, or are looking for a health and fitness coach, but are having trouble, or have questions about how to customize your use of the protocol in Healthy Gut, Healthy You, I encourage you to schedule a health coach session with Aimee. Visit us here to learn more about our new health coaching offer.

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