Dr. Ruscio’s Wrap Up #220

Does your gut need a reset?

Yes, I'm Ready

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Do you want to start feeling better?

Yes, Where Do I Start?

Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Wrap Up #220

Dr. Ruscio’s, DC Wrap Up #220 - DrR Feature Image 220

In Case You Missed It

On Monday, we discussed the benefits of marine collagen.

On Wednesday,we answered your questions about the Healthy Gut, Healthy You protocol.

Latest Research

This meta-analysis of genetic studies and randomized trials showed that:

“The effects of MTHFR 677C→T on homocysteine decreased as the prevailing level of folic acid increased. These effects were mirrored in the analysis of MTHFR 677C→T and stroke: an association between MTHFR677C→T and stroke was only evident in a region associated with low levels of folate”

The study concludes that if future trials of homocysteine-lowering interventions for stroke risk are to be undertaken, they should be set in low folate regions.

Until now, many clinical trials have been done to show that the use of statins to lower cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular events among persons without cardiovascular disease. These studies have been done on predominantly white people. This study shows a similar outcome when applied to an ethnically diverse population.

This study provides incidence data for Thyroid disease over a twenty five year period in a randomly selected sample of 2779 adults which matched the population of Great Britain in age, sex and social class. The data showed an increase with age in hypothyroidism but no age relation in hyperthyroidism. This is just one of many findings in the study.

Laugh a Little!

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Healthy Foodie

Elana’s Pantry: Stuffed Mushrooms
Joel Runyon: Coconut Pumpkin Soup
Sébastien Noël: Olive, Garlic and Lemon Chicken
Monique Volz: Chocolate Chip Coconut Flour Pumpkin Bars

Happiness Homework 

Do an at-home yoga video.

Dr. Ruscio’s Quotable

The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
Alan Watts

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