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Intestinal Repair Formula

FMF Intestinal Repair Formula - IRFYou’ve likely improved your diet, and perhaps used probiotics, enzymes or even antimicrobial herbs. If you’re still not feeling well, the immune system in your gut could be the missing link. This is where Intestinal Repair Formula is unique.

Intestinal Repair Formula (IRF) binds to and deactivates gut irritants (toxins and microbes) — reducing the immune & inflammatory response — leading to a healthier intestinal lining, improved nutrient absorption and a healthier you.

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33 thoughts on “FMF Intestinal Repair Formula

  1. Hi. I ordered the IRF and am a bit unclear on dosing. Could you please specify the number of pills (vs grams) per day for mild – 4? moderate – 6? severe – 8?. Thanks so much, just trying to understand how many to take a day.

    1. Hi Gina,

      Thanks for pointing out that discrepancy. We’ve now updated the dosing guide. 5 grams is 5 capsules twice per day. 10 grams is 10 capsules twice per day for more severe cases. Hope that helps!

          1. Just to clarify, is this 10 capsules a day, divided into 2 doses, or is this 10 capsules taken twice daily for a total of 20 capsules daily for more severe cases?
            Thank you!

          1. My FMP stated my stool test showed a very high fecal IGA. Should I use this product or will that just raise my IGA levels even higher?

  2. I’ve been diagnosed with both SIBO and IBS. I have tried many different therapies for these with minimal success. I would like to try IRF, but I also just started Low Dose Naltrexone as a prokinetic. I know LDN has an immune modulating effect. Would it be problematic if I took IRF while also on LDN?

    Also, can I open the IRF capsules into food? I have a very difficult time swallowing capsules, so mixing the capsule’s content into food is my go to method.


    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Putting them in food should be fine, but not sure how good it will taste. You may want to test it with one first.

      As far as interactions with other medications, this is definitely something you’ll want to discuss with you doctor. It may be helpful to print out the ingredients and bring them to your next appointment.

  3. Hi Dr. Ruscio,

    Do you recommend this supplement for someone like myself that takes immunosuppressants?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Amanda,

      This is something you’ll need to discuss with your doctor. It may help to print out the ingredients of the supplement and bring it in to your next appointment.

  4. Hi Dr. Ruscio, I was cleared of SIBO last March, but still not feeling that great. I have autoimmune issues–Sjogren’s Syndrome to be specific. Do You think this supplement would be of benefit to me? Just to let you know, I also take 4.5 mg of LDN at bedtime daily.

  5. Hi Dr.Ruscio, I see above in the comments that your dosing is different here than on your website. Above Drew states that 5 grams is 5 capsules TWICE PER DAY. 10 grams is 10 capsules TWICE PER DAY. On your website download guidelines it says 5 grams is 5 capsules ONCE PER DAY for mild cases and 10 capsules ONCE PER DAY for moderate/severe cases.

    I’m confused as these are two different dosage recommendations. Is it 5/10 capsules ONCE or TWICE per day.

    Thanks in advance for clarifying this.

    1. Hi Sandra, Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve edited the dosing guide – it’s 2x per day. Hope this helps.

      1. I am not sure why you made the dosage guide so complicated and confusing. The product itself says 4 pills is 2 grams. Then you say that 1 pill is one gram.
        Whatever is correct would not matter, as long as dosage instructions are correct. From the pdf, it says in mild cases 10 pills twice a day. So 20 pills a day. I cannot see where it says how long is the treatment. Any indication?
        If we say at least 2 months, these 20 pills a day would mean 1,800 pills. This seems exorbitant. Is this the case?

        1. Hi Evaristo,

          We’re updating the dosage guide as we speak to reflect the correct number of pills (note: it is still 10-20 pills a day).

          If you look on the dosing guide (click the link above or you can find it here: there is a section that says “Duration” that discusses how long to do the protocol and when to reduce the dose. It is a lot of pills, but it’s not for an extremely long period of time. Hope this helps.

          1. Hello, The link above doesn’t work and I was curious about duration of dosage for IRF please.

  6. Can you take IRF with Chinese Herbs?
    Also do you continue taking probiotics?
    My Prebiotic has Inulin in it, is that safe to the gut?

    1. Can you take IRF with Chinese Herbs?
      Also do you continue taking probiotics?
      My Prebiotic has Inulin in it, is that safe to the gut?

      1. Hi Robyn,

        I would check in with your practitioner who gave you the herbs to see if there are any specific interactions. Yes, you can continue with the probiotics. Regarding inulin, it depends. Some people are sensitive to it, while it won’t bother others, especially if it’s in a small amount. Your best bet is just to see how you feel when taking it.

    1. Hi Kristen,

      According to the manufacturer, your best bet is to check in with your doctor on this.

  7. I ordered this product after listening to a podcast. I looked over the description page that clearly says Serving size 4 capsules. Directions: Ages 4+. Take 4 capsules daily with or without a meal, or as directed by a health care professional. So I thought I was getting a 30 day supply. Now I see that the dosage is 10-20 capsules a day! I believe this is false advertising and will be looking for a refund.

    1. Hi Deanna,

      Thanks for pointing that out. We’re unable to change the serving size on the label because that’s determined by the manufacturer, but we have edited the “Directions” section on the product page to make it more clear. Feel free to contact customer service for a full refund.

    1. All of our items ship internationally via FedEx. However, we recommend checking if the customs regulations in your country has any restrictions on any of the ingredients in our products. For example, the whey protein in our Elemental Heal formulas are not allowed to be imported in some European countries.

    1. Hi Kristie,

      Yes – it works by decreasing immune activation and inflammation, which damages the gut lining and contributes to leaky gut. More info how it works can be found here:

      Hope this helps.

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